Derpfest Official R R

Various Artwork by smokey18
from Here you can download all of my Official Derpfest R build
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23 hours ago

Arts And Illustrations 01 Arts

Various Artwork by charlie-henson
Downloaded image does not have personal logo2000 X 2000Collection coming soon.A better more complete description coming soon.
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Oct 10 2020

Maritime clock 1.0

Various Artwork by malmax66
Theme for cairo-clock, makes the clock look like the brass clock used in ships radio-rooms with red an green sectors for radio-silence.
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Sep 09 2020

4m Icons 1.0

Various Artwork by amoebios
Random icons i created over the years.All original work, except for the Nexuiz logo and "Qwux" (based on Tux).
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Jun 19 2020

Tango Colors Palette restyle

Various Artwork by alessandro-frisenda
A new Tango! colors palette in PNG and PDF to easily copy the HEX code of colors.
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Jan 02 2020

Pronama-chan Holiday Card

Various Artwork by bytr
Holiday card template featuring Kurei Kei (aka Pronama-chan), the mascot for an IT-related community called Pronama. Illustration courtesy of 浅葱くるみ.
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Dec 25 2019

JessyInk -doc Spanish 2.0

Various Artwork by vamox
Slides hechas con Inkscape + Jessyink sobre como hacer presentacionesSlides made with Inkscape + jessinkManual y componentes en Español
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Aug 22 2019

Calendar 2019 English and Spanish 1.0

Various Artwork by vamox
2019 Calendar / Calendario 2019NEW: adding every day calendar, to mark one activity you have to do daily2 Designs: 2 A4 pages (6 months each)traditional calendar in 1 A4 pageSpanish and Enslish Versions, also Argentina holidays versionPDF, SVG editable and text converted to curves
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Dec 31 2018

Visual Arts 03

Various Artwork by charlie-henson
Perfect for phone, tablets and social media posts.
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Dec 26 2018

Visual Arts 02

Various Artwork by charlie-henson
Perfect for phones, Tablets and social media posts.
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Dec 26 2018