Ombrothermic Diagram 0.1

ODF Spreadsheets by miguelverdu
Three example of Ombrothermic diagram of three litle meteorological station in Alicante (Spain).
5 .0
Feb 20 2007

Fahrtenbuch 0.1

ODF Spreadsheets by tibor
German OOo-Calc template*****GERMAN TEXT*****Einfache Vorlage für ein Fahrtenbuch.
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Oct 10 2006

Ristrutturazione Casa

ODF Spreadsheets by gpgrafica
Due fogli di calcolo che permettono di gestire le spese per i lavori di ristrutturazione a casa vostra.
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Jan 11 2006

Autom_Punkte_Noten_Tabelle 2005-12-03

ODF Spreadsheets by cord
Calc Template that helps german teachers to calculate Point-Mark-Tables.Calc-Vorlage für die Umrechnung von Verrechnungspunkten in Noten. Umrechnung in 15-Notenpunkte oder Noten 1-6. Es muss lediglich die maximal erreichbare Punktzahl angegeben und die Punktzahl angegeben werden, bis zu der 15...
5 .0
Dec 03 2005

Nota Spese 1.0

ODF Spreadsheets by gpgrafica
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Nov 12 2005

Amortization Schedule

ODF Spreadsheets by robntina
This is a simple Amortization Schedule. The first sheet is set up to be more usable when you are playing around with different numbers, etc.The second sheet pulls it's data from the first sheet and is set up to look nice for printing.You are free of course to alter things to your liking.
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Jun 27 2005


ODF Spreadsheets by tanm
This is a simple POS that you can modified to have your own merchandise.Some nice feature like Convert-Number-to-Words from DannyB ( www.ooforum.org) is includedMore info on ReadMe.Hope this is helpful.tanm
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Jun 08 2005

Swedish invoice template 1.0

ODF Spreadsheets by peppelorum
This is a swedish translation of the german invoice template (http://www.kde-files.org/content/show.php?content=24297).Detta är en svensk översättning av den tyska fakturamallen (http://www.kde-files.org/content/show.php?content=24297).
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May 27 2005

DialogSheet for template

ODF Spreadsheets by tanm
This is a sample for a typical spreadsheet using a dialog.You can then modify and design different dialog for diffrerent spreadsheet template.Hope to see more template using dialog in this web site.How it works;Data in the second sheet ( eg, customer data) was grasped and passed to the combo box...
5 .0
May 26 2005

rolling weekly rota 1

ODF Spreadsheets by tyrojinn
Simple Rolling Weekly Rota.Insert names into the first column then copy down. This will be copied across the week.Entering the start date the sheet will update the required cells and error check for MondaysYou can check how many days one person will cover over a specified time.Tyro :-)
5 .0
May 18 2005