Grading Sheet 1

ODF Spreadsheets by SeanParsons
This is a nice little grading sheet that I threw together for my own use, and thought others might like as well. If my grading periods and number of students in a class don't work well for you, please fell free to modify it and/or use it as an example. If you make a modification that you think I...
Feb 18 2008

Klassen-Schulnoten-Verwaltung 2009-01-10

ODF Spreadsheets by cord
OpenOffice Calc Template that helps german teachers to organize and calculate the marks of their pupils. It uses the german 1 to 6 marking system.german description:Automatische Berechnung der Noten einer Klasse in einem Fach im Laufe eines Schuljahrs mit einer OpenOffice-Vorlage. Die...
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Jan 15 2009