qkarakter 1.1

Text Editors by erbt001
Simple AutoCorrection Text Tool Convert to Upper/Lower Case Convert to Lower Case by Considering Punctuation Marks Remove to Unnecessary Space and Tabs Solve to ISO – UTF Problems (ı,Åž,ÅŸ,...--> ı,Ş,ş...) Remove Forward (>>) Punctuation Mark Convert to English Alphabet...
Rating: 5.8
Jan 26 2008

Katesort plugin 1.0

Text Editors by mkyral
Katesort is a KPart plugin for all KPart compatible editors (Kate, KWrite, ...). It is inspired by the famous windows text editor PsPad (http://www.pspad.com). [li]Sorts selected rows or whole file.[/li] [li]Sort by ASCII or numeric value.[/li] [li]Sort in ascendig or descending...
Rating: 5.0
Nov 10 2007

QNotepad 3

Text Editors by riklaunim
A very simple text editor written in PyQT4 created as an example app in a PyQT4 tutorial: http://www.rkblog.rk.edu.pl/w/p/introduction-pyqt4/
Rating: 5.8
May 20 2007

QRef 1.3

Text Editors by DarkSide57
This is a simple text editor. I'll implement the highlighter syntax later.
Rating: 5.0
May 12 2007

kletterwizard 0.9.8

Text Editors by cz8s
K-Letter-Wizard makes writing letters easy. Just enter address and subject and with some help from latex, you get a very good looking letter. Only english, german and dutch output at the moment. See Homepage for more info The Suse-9.1-rpm package was provided by Mario Mueller
Rating: 5.0
Apr 20 2007

KLetterWizard - The Unicoded version 0.9.8

Text Editors by trueg
This is a patched version of KLetterWizard (http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=13442). Since the original author did not answer my emails and I like this app a lot a decided to simply post my fixes here as a new version. Have fun.
Rating: 5.0
Feb 15 2007

Kate CTags Plugin 0.2

Text Editors by CraigD
This is a port of KDevelop 3.3.5's CTags plugin. Other changes: * When a document is opened/switched with kate, the plugin will attempt to locate a 'tags' file. It will look in the folder containing the document, or in the folders ancestors. The level of this search is controlled via the config...
Rating: 5.0
Feb 09 2007

katedataedit 0.1

Text Editors by pradu
This is a small kate plugin that displays the content of a fixed lenght file using a record description that you can easily create from inside Kate itself.
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Rating: 5.0
Jan 18 2007

Perl Kana Editor 0.1

Text Editors by arnodupuis
PKanaEditor is a little text editor. Its purpose is to allow occidental people (like me) to write a text in romanji (our characters) and have it transliterate to Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji. This editor's first goal is to transliterate romanji to hiragana (it was written for Japanese learning...
Rating: 5.0
Sep 08 2006

Kate Project Manager Plugin (KPMP) 0.1.2-24

Text Editors by fishdude
A projectmanager plugin for the KDE editor kate.
Rating: 5.0
Aug 19 2006