Revised 0.2

Developers Apps by JanKusanagi
Revised is (or rather, will be) a simple visual editor, or GUI, for Ren’Py, the visual novel game engine. Game creation with Ren’Py is based on writing scripts with special Ren’Py syntax, and the possibilities are almost endless. But writing scripts is difficult for some people, so...
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May 14 2015

September 1.0

Developers Apps by vital1992
Editor for qss.
Score 50.0%
May 05 2015

KScriptDbg4 1.2.2

Developers Apps by fe6fbq
KScriptDbg4 is a GUI to Perl & Python script debugger. This GUI is the result of the port to KDE4 / Qt4 of Protoeditor, a project by Thiago Silva, based on release 1.1beta3. It offers the main functions of a debugger : set breakpoints, run the script step by step, enter a function, step...
Score 58.0%
Apr 30 2015

Project Line Counter (QtCreator Plugin) 0.9.4

Developers Apps by Serjth
This plugin adds info string to the Qt Creator Editor toolbar that counts lines in the current file and whole project if pro-file opened. Required Qt Creator 3.4.0 or above. Check README for installation and building instructions.
Score 50.0%
Apr 09 2015

QtConstructor 0.1

Developers Apps by drift
Hello, this is my first project. With QtConstructor you can easily build your menus, actions and forms. How works: 1) Click in 'New Menu' to create a new menu. Select the name, status (enabled or disabled), description, icon, order and ACL of the menu; 2) After, click in 'New Action' to create...
Score 50.0%
Mar 29 2015

QtCreator-JsExtensions-Plugin 1.0

Developers Apps by lexxmark
QtCreator plugin which enables writting plugins using JS/QML. https://github.com/lexxmark/QtCreator-JsExtensions-Plugin
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Score 50.0%
Mar 18 2015


Developers Apps by FranzReiter
C-KIT-GUI-GTK - is a user interface abstraction layer for C-programs - completely separates the application from the GUI-software - makes the application independent from the gui-system - is a graphical user interface toolkit simplifying the design of GUI's - is a C - library with...
Score 50.0%
Feb 06 2015

Massif Visualizer 0.4

Developers Apps by milianw
Massif Visualizer is a tool that - *who would guess that* - visualizes massif data. You run your application in Valgrind with `--tool=massif` and the open the generated `massif.out.%pid` in this application. You can also compress the log with Gzip or Bzip2 and open it transparently with the...
Score 75.5%
Dec 12 2014

Rubus 0.2

Developers Apps by wulff007
Rubus is a free ERP framework. It is based on Qt4 or Qt5 framework. Rubus framework comes with GPLv3 license.
Score 50.0%
Dec 03 2014

LCD Char Desinger for wiringPi & Arduino 0.1

Developers Apps by FlyingNautilus
With this program can you easiely create custom characters for LCD-displays.
Score 50.0%
Aug 13 2014