QRestClient 2.1.0

Developers Apps by marcusK
QRestClient testing tool for send REST requests with different GET, POST, PUT, DELETE parameters, heders, raw body and etc. This tool will be helpfully for web services developers.
Rating: 6.8
Sep 27 2016


Developers Apps by bigfug
Fugio (pronounced foo-gee-oh) is an open visual programming system for building digital art and creative projects quickly, with no programming experience required. Simple, clear design There are building blocks called nodes that have inputs and outputs. Link the inputs to the outputs using your...
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Rating: 5.0
Aug 06 2016

WtDesigner V.1.0.3

Developers Apps by juangburgos
WYSIWYG Designer for C++ Wt Web Applications Source : https://github.com/juangburgos/WtDesigner
Rating: 5.0
Jun 25 2016

Nut (ORM for Qt5.x) 0.1

Developers Apps by BlackDal
Advanced, Powerful and easy to use ORM for Qt5 Features: - Easy to use - Automatically create and update database - IDE auto complete support, No hard-code needed - Table join detect https://github.com/HamedMasafi/Nut
Rating: 5.0
May 31 2016

YAD 0.36.3

Developers Apps by ananas
Yad (Yet Another Dialog) is a fork of Zenity with many improvements, such as custom buttons, additional dialogs, popup menu in notification icon and more.
Rating: 7.7
May 11 2016

Katpart Eperl Syntax Files. 1.0

Developers Apps by dirlin
Katepart Syntax files for eperl (http://search.cpan.org/~rse/eperl-2.2.13/).
Rating: 5.0
Mar 19 2016

Kscope4 1.8.1

Developers Apps by fe6fbq
Kscope4 is the port to KDE4 / Qt4 of Kscope-1.6.0 by Elad Lahav, a GUI frontend for cscope. This is intended to search a set of files, call a `project' for the definition or the usage of a function or a variable, a text. All the cscope commands are usable and a graph part is available to...
Rating: 6.5
Nov 18 2015

Revised 0.2

Developers Apps by JanKusanagi
Revised is (or rather, will be) a simple visual editor, or GUI, for Ren’Py, the visual novel game engine. Game creation with Ren’Py is based on writing scripts with special Ren’Py syntax, and the possibilities are almost endless. But writing scripts is difficult for some people, so...
Rating: 5.0
May 14 2015

September 1.0

Developers Apps by vital1992
Editor for qss.
Rating: 5.0
May 05 2015

KScriptDbg4 1.2.2

Developers Apps by fe6fbq
KScriptDbg4 is a GUI to Perl & Python script debugger. This GUI is the result of the port to KDE4 / Qt4 of Protoeditor, a project by Thiago Silva, based on release 1.1beta3. It offers the main functions of a debugger : set breakpoints, run the script step by step, enter a function, step...
Rating: 6.0
Apr 30 2015