QShowPos 0.0.1

Developers Apps by kleag
Have you ever wanted to know what is the exact codepoint position of a given token in a UTF-8 file ? The only feature of qshowpos is to give you this information. For example, the word 'Sir' in the screenshot is at position 12,180 after taking into account all two bytes UTF-8 characters before....
Rating: 5.0
Jul 21 2014

ktexteditor-multicursor 0.3

Developers Apps by jo-link-noir
Katepart plugin (Kwrite, Kate, Kdevelop, ...) that adds or deletes virtual cursors in a document. Any text written or deleted will be repeated on each virtual cursor.. Several options are available: [li]Synchronize cursor with the user cursor.[/li] [li]Move between cursors.[/li] ...
Rating: 5.8
Jul 17 2014

dep-graphV 0.2

Developers Apps by romeoxbm
dep-graphV is an useful development tool, written in C++ and powered by Qt and GraphViz, that creates a graph of your codebase, by parsing every #include statement found in the project's root folder. It is helpful when you need to analize and visualize the dependecy tree, highlightining cycles...
Rating: 5.8
Jun 21 2014

EiffelStudio 14.05

Developers Apps by manuseiffel
EiffelStudio is an IDE for the Eiffel language (ECMA-367, ISO/IEC 25436). It has: an Eiffel compiler, an Eiffel GUI editor, a refactoring tool, Eiffel analysis tools and Eiffel libraries. Eiffel applies O-O principles and Design by Contract for quality.
Rating: 5.0
Jun 06 2014

QSS Editor 0.5.5

Developers Apps by dmitrykx
QSS Editor is a tool to edit and preview Qt style sheets (QSS). It supports realtime previewing and autocompletion for Qt and CSS selectors/pseudo states.Ubuntu-only: Installing from PPA: $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:linuxsquirrel-dev/ppa $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install qsseditor
Rating: 6.3
Apr 15 2014

Plessc 1.1

Developers Apps by Mte90
Plessc is a gui frontend for lessc (or another compiler). --------- This software require: Python 3 PyQT lessc (node-less on many distro or npm install lessc) All OS! ( *unix it's better) --------- Log readable Open the less file with the editor choosen Open all less...
Rating: 5.8
Mar 01 2014

QMT (RC to UI convertor) 0.2

Developers Apps by sintegrial
QMT is a simple Windows Resource (RC) to Qt Designer Form (UI) conversion utility. It is written with Qt4 and is free for use for any non-commercial as well as for commercial development. QMT does a lot of routine work on extracting UI dialogs stored in RC files and converting them into...
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Rating: 5.0
Dec 18 2013

Artistic Style Plugin 1.3.0

Developers Apps by lykurg
The Artistic Style Plugin is an Open Source tool that manages to bring the famous Artistic Style code formatter to the popular Qt Creator IDE. With the help of Artistic Style Plugin one can easily format source code within the editor while coding or one can format the entire project at once.
Rating: 7.0
Dec 15 2013

BareEmbeddedProjectMaanger Plugin for Qt 1.0

Developers Apps by sanjuchopra
I always wanted wanted to use QtCreator for embedded(ARM) programming. But i never found any documentation regarding that.Most of the tools for arm programming are only available for windows and they are very expensive. With their evaluation version either we can compile up to 32KB or we can use...
Rating: 5.0
Dec 07 2013

LavaPE 0.9.4

Developers Apps by guenthk
LavaPE is a programming environment for the experimental object-oriented programming language Lava. It replaces text editing with structure editing, thereby preventing all syntactic and many semantic errors. The pure point-and-click nature of Lava programming and the concise representation of...
Rating: 5.9
Nov 18 2013