QtFprot 0.2.1c

Security by gluon
QtFprot is a frontend for FPROT 4.x, a free (for personal use) Linux virus-scanner. It's similar to XFprot, but written in Qt. It allows you to set all FPROT paramters with a comfortable GUI. --------------------------------------- SuSE rpms available here: http://www.acepoint.de/ (big thanks to...
Score 50.0%
Jan 05 2005

KWipe - Multithreaded Wipe Application 2.2.6

Security by AngelusNoctis
KWipe is a secure erase (wipe) application, completely written in PyQt5! Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXG-aEDUNXc Supported Wipe-Modes: One Zero DOD DOD-E VSITR Gutman Bruce Schneier Algorithm Britisch HMG Standard 5 Russian Gost p50739-95 NSA 130-2 Canadian OPS II Supported...
Score 70.0%
Jun 09 2019

Password Creator 1.1.2

Security by neptune
Password Creator is a great tool to generate passwords with criteria like uppercase letters, numbers or even specified characters. It has virtually no limitation on the pasword length and the password quantity or the characters to use. /! Please reptort bugs or features at...
Score 50.0%
Oct 17 2004

Secure Password Generator 2.0

Security by jweinraub
This software has been officially abandonded. The source tree I have locally is dramatically different than what I got here, other projects exist where it does a lot better job than I did. I did this project soley to learn to program in Qt and as such I didnt think this project would gain much...
Score 50.0%
Jul 28 2004

cpdu 0.49.4b-linux-unix

Security by renci
Cryptographic Data Utility Cryptographic Package Distribution Utility is a secure command line file encryption tool that allows for archiving encrypted files with secure memory allocation, zlib and bzip compression it currently supports the following ciphers aes/rijndael: 256 bit key, 128...
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Score 50.0%
1 day ago

twofish 0.6

Security by renci
twofish is a secure command line and kde service menu ecnryption tool that allows secure memory allocation, secure random, varaible size key generation, zlib compression and base64 encoding its nicely written and there is room for improvements next release: a recovery database is being added
Score 50.0%
Oct 18 2008

Guarddog 2.4.0

Security by sbe
Guarddog is a firewall configuration utility for Linux systems. It is aimed at two groups of users. Novice to intermediate users who are not experts in TCP/IP networking and security, and those users who don't want the hastle of dealing with cryptic shell scripts and ipchains/iptables parameters.
Score 50.0%
Dec 16 2004

KMyFirewall 1.1.1

Security by theanimal666
KMyFirewall attempts to make it easier to setup IPTables based firewalls on Linux systems. It will be the right tool if you like to have a so called "Personal Firewall" running on your Linux box, but don't have the time and/or the interest to spend hours in front of the IPTables manual just to...
Score 50.0%
Jan 31 2008

knetfilter 3.4.0

Security by genoni
Knetfilter is a KDE frontend to iptables. It is used with Linux 2.4 to manage the functionality of netfilter. Knetfilter lets you set up most common firewall configurations, as well as perform more sophisticated management of a complex firewall. It is also possible to use an integrated interface...
Score 50.0%
Apr 27 2005

CalcChecksum 1.6 pre1

Security by michaelbuesch
CalcChecksum is a tool for calculating MD5, MD4, CRC32, SHA1 (SHA160), SHA256, RIPE-MD-160, TIGER, HAVAL (128, 160, 192, 224, 256 with 3, 4 or 5 passes) on files, text-strings or hash-lists generated by md5sum or sha1sum.
Score 50.0%
Jan 18 2004