Firewall Builder 5.1.0 5.1.0

Security by vadim
Firewall Builder is a GUI firewall management application for iptables, PF, Cisco ASA/PIX/FWSM, Cisco router ACL and more. Firewall configuration data is stored in a central file that can scale to hundreds of firewalls managed from a single UI.
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Score 78.6%
Mar 28 2012

nmapsi4 0.5 alpha1

Security by brand80
NmapSI4 is a complete Qt5-based Gui with the design goals to provide a complete nmap interface for Users, in order to management all option of this power security net scanner Compile Information: Required for build: * qt5 >= 5.2 * cmake >= 2.8.2 Runtime: * nmap + nping >=...
Score 75.5%
Jul 08 2015

KVirusTotal 0.30.0

Security by Musikolo
KVirusTotal is an online-based anti-virus and anti-phishing tool. It allows you to submit files that will be analyzed by more than 40 up-to-date anti-virus systems. This tool will also enable you to submit URLs that will then be tested against the principal anti-phishing systems. Since version...
Score 75.5%
Mar 05 2012

ClamAV-GUI 0.4.1

Security by wusel1007
Front-End for ClamAV. Please let me know whether the app works to your liking or not. Comments welcome RPM packages are available through the OpenSuSE Build Service. https://software.opensuse.org/download.html?project=home%3Awusel1007&package=ClamAV-GUI
Score 74.3%
Sep 12 2017

KeePassX 0.3.1

Security by Abdel-Mujib
KeepassX is a port of the windows application "Keepass Password Safe" for Linux and Mac OS X. It is a free/open-source password manager or safe which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way. You can put all your passwords in one database, which is locked with one master key or a...
Score 74.0%
Mar 15 2008

KWipe - Multithreaded Wipe Application 2.2.6

Security by AngelusNoctis
KWipe is a secure erase (wipe) application, completely written in PyQt5! Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXG-aEDUNXc Supported Wipe-Modes: One Zero DOD DOD-E VSITR Gutman Bruce Schneier Algorithm Britisch HMG Standard 5 Russian Gost p50739-95 NSA 130-2 Canadian OPS II Supported...
Score 70.0%
Jun 09 2019

KPassGen 1.4

Security by james147
Generates a set of random passwords of any length that can include the letter a-z, A-Z any number and symbols and any other character supported by Qt. It can also generate random hex codes or pronounceable passwords. WARNING: I cannot guarantee the strength of the passwords generated by this...
Score 70.0%
Jan 30 2011

zuluCrypt 5.7.1

Security by nanasi
zuluCrypt is a Qt based GUI and a cli solution for management of LUKS,PLAIN,TRUECRYPT,VERACRYPT and Microsoft's BITLOCKER encrypted volumes. zuluCrypt can do the following among other abilities: 1. Create 64 bytes in size key files composed of only the 94 printable characters). 2. Create...
Score 70.0%
Feb 04 2020

Random Wordlist Generator 0.2.1

Security by faster
Random Wordlist Generator is a simple multiplatform tool that allows you to create a wordlist of random words. You can generate random words using different sets of characters. With a mouse click you can generate thousand of different words in a few minutes.
Score 67.1%
Aug 13 2014

Fleeting Password Manager 2.8.1

Security by juzzlin
Fleeting Password Manager a.k.a. fleetingpm is a program that generates pseudo-random passwords from given master password, URL/ID and user name. The master password should be common to all passwords and URL/ID should be the url of the service (e.g. www.facebook.com) or some part of it (e.g....
Score 67.1%
May 11 2013