nmapsi4 0.4

Security by eldiabl09
NmapSI4 is a complete Qt4-based Gui with the design goals to provide a complete nmap interface for Users, in order to management all option of this power security net scanner Compile Information: Required for build: * qt4 >= 4.6 * cmake Optional for build (Suggested): * kdelibs-dev Runtime: *...
Rating: 5.8
Jan 13 2013

KpGen 1.2 Beta 2

Security by ammorais
KpGen is an modern Password Generator. It has some interesting features, like a random generator based on mouse move with some strong options. It can also work as a hash calculator, calculating hashes of passwords and phrases.
Rating: 5.8
Jun 19 2009


Security by xizhizhu
Aarni is a small and easy-to-use file encryptor. The repository is available at http://code.google.com/p/aarni/. Currently, AES-128 in the XTS mode (approved as the IEEE 1619 Standard) is used to encrypt data. SHA-384 is used to generate the encryption key and the initial tweak value from the...
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Rating: 5.8
Oct 05 2009

QPass 1.1.1

Security by pielas
QPass is easy to use, open source password manager application. It enables you to store your confidential data crypted. All entries are stored in a signle file database encrypted using AES* 256 algorithm. Each entry can contain name, url, username, password and description. It can stay running...
Rating: 5.8
Mar 20 2011

pam authentication example 0.0.0

Security by waitman
Sample Qt application use pam to authenticate root. (c) 2012 Waitman Gobble See License in source. this allows you setuid your Qt app to allow a non-root user to run it as root, but require the user to authenticate as root to run. In order to authenticate root using pam, the app must be setuid...
Rating: 5.8
Jul 01 2012

QtFprot 0.2.1c

Security by gluon
QtFprot is a frontend for FPROT 4.x, a free (for personal use) Linux virus-scanner. It's similar to XFprot, but written in Qt. It allows you to set all FPROT paramters with a comfortable GUI. --------------------------------------- SuSE rpms available here: http://www.acepoint.de/ (big thanks to...
Rating: 5.0
Jan 05 2005

Password Creator 1.1.2

Security by neptune
Password Creator is a great tool to generate passwords with criteria like uppercase letters, numbers or even specified characters. It has virtually no limitation on the pasword length and the password quantity or the characters to use. /! Please reptort bugs or features at...
Rating: 5.0
Oct 17 2004

Secure Password Generator 2.0

Security by jweinraub
This software has been officially abandonded. The source tree I have locally is dramatically different than what I got here, other projects exist where it does a lot better job than I did. I did this project soley to learn to program in Qt and as such I didnt think this project would gain much...
Rating: 5.0
Jul 28 2004

cpdu 0.3.99b-linux-unix

Security by renci
Cryptographic Data Utility Cryptographic Package Distribution Utility is a secure command line file encryption tool that allows for archiving encrypted files with secure memory allocation, zlib and bzip compression it currently supports the following ciphers aes/rijndael: 256 bit key, 128...
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Rating: 5.0
Nov 05 2017

twofish 0.6

Security by renci
twofish is a secure command line and kde service menu ecnryption tool that allows secure memory allocation, secure random, varaible size key generation, zlib compression and base64 encoding its nicely written and there is room for improvements next release: a recovery database is being added
Rating: 5.0
Oct 18 2008