Furius Cipher

Security by marcusfurius
A simple text encryption utility using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Features US Government standard text encryption. Supports UTF8 character encoding. Text can be loaded from and saved to files. ############################## Dependencies * python (>= 2.5), python-support (>=...
Rating: 7.1
Jun 12 2010

KVirusTotal 0.30.0

Security by Musikolo
KVirusTotal is an online-based anti-virus and anti-phishing tool. It allows you to submit files that will be analyzed by more than 40 up-to-date anti-virus systems. This tool will also enable you to submit URLs that will then be tested against the principal anti-phishing systems. Since version...
Rating: 7.3
Mar 05 2012

ClamAV-GUI 0.4.1

Security by wusel1007
Front-End for ClamAV. Please let me know whether the app works to your liking or not. Comments welcome RPM packages are available through the OpenSuSE Build Service. https://software.opensuse.org/download.html?project=home%3Awusel1007&package=ClamAV-GUI
Rating: 7.1
Sep 12 2017

mobloquer 0.5

Security by jimtb
Mobloquer is a graphical user interface for MoBlock, developed in C++ and Qt4. Features: * View the IPs which MoBlock blocks in realtime as well as some information about each one. * Easily view whois information for each IP blocked. * Easily configure moblock to stop blocking an IP. *...
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Rating: 6.9
Apr 24 2008

StegoSaurus 1.0

Security by agnitsarkar
Stegosaurus 1.0 Author - Agnit Sarkar Stegosaurus 1.0 is a tool to perform steganography on 24-bit BMP files.Use this to hide and recover any type of file to and from a selected BMP image, without altering the original size of the image For details of the steganography process used visit...
Rating: 7.3
Aug 24 2009

KWipe - Multithreaded Wipe Application 2.2.2

Security by AngelusNoctis
KWipe is a secure erase (wipe) application, completely written in PyQt5! Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXG-aEDUNXc Supported Wipe-Modes: One Zero DOD DOD-E VSITR Gutman Bruce Schneier Algorithm Britisch HMG Standard 5 Russian Gost p50739-95 NSA 130-2 Canadian OPS II Supported...
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Rating: 7.0
Apr 02 2019

zuluCrypt 5.5.0

Security by nanasi
zuluCrypt is a Qt based GUI and a cli solution for management of LUKS,PLAIN,TRUECRYPT,VERACRYPT and Microsoft's BITLOCKER encrypted volumes. zuluCrypt can do the following among other abilities: 1. Create 64 bytes in size key files composed of only the 94 printable characters). 2. Create...
Rating: 7.0
May 02 2019

QPaMaT 0.4.3

Security by bwalle
QPaMaT is a password manager which stores passwords in an encrypted XML file or on an encrypted chipcard. It also checks the password quality and generates random passwords. You can print the passwords in clear-text as a backup strategy.
Rating: 6.4
Jun 01 2005

Figaro's Password Manager 2 0.79

Security by Alsik
Figaro's Password Manager 2 (FPM2) is a GTK2 port of Figaro's Password Manager, originally developed by John Conneely. It allows you to securely store your passwords, which are encrypted with AES-256 algorithm. It allows you to copy passwords or usernames to the clipboard or primary selection....
Rating: 6.6
Jan 17 2011

cpdu 0.3.99b-linux-unix

Security by renci
Cryptographic Data Utility Cryptographic Package Distribution Utility is a secure command line file encryption tool that allows for archiving encrypted files with secure memory allocation, zlib and bzip compression it currently supports the following ciphers aes/rijndael: 256 bit key, 128...
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Rating: 6.3
Nov 05 2017