nmapsi4 0.4

Security by eldiabl09
NmapSI4 is a complete Qt4-based Gui with the design goals to provide a complete nmap interface for Users, in order to management all option of this power security net scanner Compile Information: Required for build: * qt4 >= 4.6 * cmake Optional for build (Suggested): * kdelibs-dev Runtime: *...
Score 58.0%
Jan 13 2013

Wiper 0.1

Security by Arminius
This is the very first and beta version of my wiping programm. Please test, comment and report any bug. Graphism, usability and new functions will be added shortly. It is a beta version, not because of any know instabilities but because it's not finished yet. Wiping is used to securely delete...
Score 50.0%
Apr 22 2009

StegoSaurus 1.0

Security by agnitsarkar
Stegosaurus 1.0 Author - Agnit Sarkar Stegosaurus 1.0 is a tool to perform steganography on 24-bit BMP files.Use this to hide and recover any type of file to and from a selected BMP image, without altering the original size of the image For details of the steganography process used visit...
Score 50.0%
Aug 24 2009

KpGen 1.2 Beta 2

Security by ammorais
KpGen is an modern Password Generator. It has some interesting features, like a random generator based on mouse move with some strong options. It can also work as a hash calculator, calculating hashes of passwords and phrases.
Score 58.0%
Jun 19 2009


Security by xizhizhu
Aarni is a small and easy-to-use file encryptor. The repository is available at http://code.google.com/p/aarni/. Currently, AES-128 in the XTS mode (approved as the IEEE 1619 Standard) is used to encrypt data. SHA-384 is used to generate the encryption key and the initial tweak value from the...
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Oct 05 2009

Qt-Vernam 0.6.2 Beta

Security by Cabalbl4
latest ver. sources: https://code.launchpad.net/~i-vohmin/+junk/Qt-Vernam Abstract Qt-Vernam implements Vernam algorithm (OTP) to encrypt and decrypt text messages and files using message-long random keys. The OTP algorithm is proved to be invincible to all common methods of...
Score 50.0%
Apr 22 2014

Passmate 0.5.1

Security by dancingrobot84
Passmate is fast and small tool for keeping your passwords and files safe. It uses modern encryption algorithm AES256 to encrypt your data and requires from you to remember only one thing - your master key. It depends on libpcre, openssl and (optional) Qt4. Currently it is distributed via...
Score 58.0%
Jul 23 2011

QPass 1.1.1

Security by pielas
QPass is easy to use, open source password manager application. It enables you to store your confidential data crypted. All entries are stored in a signle file database encrypted using AES* 256 algorithm. Each entry can contain name, url, username, password and description. It can stay running...
Score 58.0%
Mar 20 2011

Fleeting Password Manager 2.8.1

Security by juzzlin
Fleeting Password Manager a.k.a. fleetingpm is a program that generates pseudo-random passwords from given master password, URL/ID and user name. The master password should be common to all passwords and URL/ID should be the url of the service (e.g. www.facebook.com) or some part of it (e.g....
Score 67.1%
May 11 2013

zuluCrypt 5.7.0

Security by nanasi
zuluCrypt is a Qt based GUI and a cli solution for management of LUKS,PLAIN,TRUECRYPT,VERACRYPT and Microsoft's BITLOCKER encrypted volumes. zuluCrypt can do the following among other abilities: 1. Create 64 bytes in size key files composed of only the 94 printable characters). 2. Create...
Score 70.0%
Oct 01 2019