qvge 0.4.3

Science by qvge
qvge is a multiplatform graph editor written in C++/Qt. Its main goal is to make possible visually edit two-dimensional graphs in a simple and intuitive way. Software source code is licensed under MIT License. The project uses 3rd-party sources and assets to which other licenses could...
Rating: 5.0
Jul 01 2018

Molsketch 0.5.1

Science by AJSlye
2D molecular editing tool. Its goal is to help you draw molecules quick and easily. Of course you're creation can be exported afterwards in high quality in a number of vector and bitmap formats. NOTE: This is only to provide appimages, I am not the developer.
Rating: 5.0
Jun 29 2018

SER Player 1.7.2

Science by AJSlye
A simple video player for playing SER files used for solar, lunar and planetary astronomy-imaging. NOTE: This is only to provide appimages, I am not the developer.
Rating: 5.0
Jun 29 2018

Gwyddion 2.50

Science by yeti
A data visualization and processing tool for scanning probe microscopy (SPM, i.e. AFM, STM, MFM, SNOM/NSOM, ...) and profilometry data, useful also for general image and 2D data analysis.
Windows Binary
Rating: 5.0
Feb 02 2018

Periodic Table 2.1

Science by Barud
A modern Periodic Table app for gnome desktop, with the latest update from IUPAC. This is written completely in python3, and gtk3 is used for ui, make it at-home with other gnome apps. Besides showing Periodic Table of elements, it shows variation of properties like atomic radius etc. One stand...
Rating: 7.6
Jan 26 2018

scram 0.16.2

Science by rakhimov
SCRAM is a Command-line Risk Analysis Multi-tool. SCRAM is a probabilistic risk analysis (PRA) tool. It can perform event tree analysis, static fault tree analysis, analysis with common cause failure models, probability calculations with importance analysis, and uncertainty analysis with Monte...
Rating: 5.0
Jan 24 2018

DSRemote - AppImage

Science by probonopd
DSRemote is a program to control and visualize your RigolĀ® DS6000 or DS1000Z series oscilloscope from your Linux desktop via USB or LAN. Live signals can be viewed, screenshots can be made and waveform data can be saved.
Rating: 5.0
Jun 10 2017

Veusz 1.26.1

Science by jeremysanders
Veusz is a scientific plotting package, designed to create publication-ready Postscript, PDF or SVG output. It can create line graphs, XY plots, histograms, shapes, images, ternary plots, polar plots, box plots, vector field plots and contour plots. It features GUI, command-line, and scripting...
Rating: 7.3
May 24 2017

Complex Plotter

Science by Blahord
Complex Plotter is a OpencL based tool to plot functions over the complex numbers. You need OpenCL to run it.
Rating: 5.0
Feb 21 2017

rpCalc 0.8.1

Science by doug101
rpCalc is a simple RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculator for X. It works much like an HP calculator, and all of the commands can be entered using the keyboard or a mouse. rpCalc is based on the PyQt library.
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Rating: 6.3
Feb 04 2017