Telegram Desktop (Flatpak)

Chat & Messenging by Flatpak_Apps
Desktop client for Telegram.
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Nov 28 2017

QtChat 1.0.0

Chat & Messenging by zuzuf
QtChat is a simple chat program which doesn't rely on a server. It uses broadcasting over local network (LAN) to discover other users. Features include: global chat room private chat avatars user status rich text messages drag & drop of images and text files ...
Debian (.deb)
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Sep 03 2017

Kadu Instant Messenger 4.3/5.0-alpha1

Chat & Messenging by KaduTeam
Kadu is an open source Facebook, XMPP and Gadu-Gadu (popular in Poland) instant messenger client for Linux, BSD, Mac and Windows. Kadu is available in English, Polish, Czech, French and Turkish languages. Download Kadu here: https://gitlab.com/kadu/kadu/wikis/download Kadu offers: * Good-looking...
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Mar 29 2017

mechat [Qt5.3+QtQuick] 3.3.11

Chat & Messenging by lgao
LAN chat software, LAN's wechat. decompression file [headimg.rar] to program path, images of head portrait. Test in one computer, copy one file, in one program path new file rename to 1; and another new file rename to 2。 Test in Different computers, Don't do anything. Because of the following...
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Mar 24 2017

BeeBEEP (Secure Lan Messenger) 3.0.6

Chat & Messenging by seldszar
BeeBEEP is a peer to peer lan messenger. You can talk and share files with all the people inside a local area network such of an office, home or internet cafe. You don't need a server, just download, unzip and start it. Simple and fast.
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Jun 14 2016

Cutegram 2 - Telegram client 2.7.0

Chat & Messenging by brdn25
What is Cutegram? Cutegram is a free and opensource telegram clients for GNU/Linux focusing on user friendly, compatibility with Linux desktop environments and easy to use. Cutegram using Qt5, QML, libqtelegram, libappindication, AsemanQtTools technologies and Faenza icons and Twitter emojies...
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Oct 05 2015

HexChat Now Playing 2.0.0

Chat & Messenging by Chris7mas
HNP (HexChat Now Playing) is a powerful Perl script for HexChat with support for Amarok 2.x that will display detailed information about the currently playing song in Amarok, as well as information about the track and collection statistics. HNP is feature-rich and highly configurable. It can be...
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Sep 13 2015

GoldBug Messenger - Chat & E-Mail-Client 1.6a

Chat & Messenging by Karim23
GoldBug - Secure Communcations Chat, E-Mail, File Sharing, e*IRC - always encrypted. And, if you want, authenticated! « Why should I encrypt? » Protect your writing as you would protect your loved ones: self-defend your Privacy & Human Rights with modern cryptographic functions and an...
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Nov 16 2014

Inlaid Pearl Larabie 0

Chat & Messenging by Eda
Light foreground inlaid on dark background. Own color set. This is a partial theme, which only overwrites previous colors and typefaces. Features typefaces from Mr. Larabie. There are transparency effects only visible when you choose a background image. They are not visible in the screen...
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Aug 31 2014

GFeedLine 2.4.1

Chat & Messenging by yendo
GFeedLine is a social networking client. It supports Twitter and Facebook.
Score 70.0%
Aug 21 2014