QtCumber 1.0

Network by Neroniuos
QtCumber is a free software to transfer files over a peer to peer connection. A clear tool, which allows you to exchange data between computers in a network or via internet. The direct connection is always built up with full bandwidth. The data can be cancelled and continued any time. The...
Rating: 7.0
Jul 20 2011

DoorPointer 0.8

Network by cyberpro4
Simple, easy-to-use port redirect utility. Just edit ini file and start it!
Rating: 5.0
Jul 08 2011

LightMight 0.4.10

Network by F1ash
Simple FileTransmitter for publication and download users file resources in local network. To use, you must open port 5353 (mDNS) and 34000-34100 by default. For using SSL encripted connection you must generate SSL Cerificate and Key in $HOME/cert.pem . Dependencies : python >=...
Rating: 7.0
Jun 22 2011

Lan painter 0.99

Network by nanvel
It's help to paint big lans, and scaning them.
Rating: 5.8
Jun 21 2011

EasyWake - Wake on lan manager 3.1

Network by MBex
This is a tool to wake up devices (usually computers) over a network connection. The destination device has to support Wake-on-Lan. The program has the following features: - Wakes up a device by his mac address. - It displays whether a device responds or not (For this feature the ip address is...
Rating: 5.8
Jun 19 2011

Grub Next Generation C# client 1.0.1

Network by thindil
Grub Next Generation is distributed web crawling system (clients/servers) which helps to build and maintain free (as in freedom) index of the Web. This is console/graphical client written in C# (Mono)
Rating: 5.0
Jun 08 2011

GrowlForWinSender Alpha

Network by claus001
This class lets you send notification message to a Growl For Windows notificication system. Because it's plattform independent - your Linux PC can send you notification messages on Your Windows PC - e.g. when your build is done.
Rating: 5.0
Jun 07 2011

nullfxp 2.1.1

Network by liuguangzhao
nullfxp is a cross platform SFTP/FTP(S) written in C++/Qt4, with which you can Upload/Download Files with just a few Clicks.
Rating: 7.0
May 19 2011


Network by Ancho
What is sshconf? sshconf is a graphical frontend to manage ssh configurations for different hosts. It creates Host specifications for the users configuration file in ~/.ssh/config (see manpage ssh_config).Features add, edit or remove Host add, edit or remove LocalForward(s) or RemoteForward(s)...
Rating: 7.0
May 15 2011

Ninayan 2011 beta

Network by missdeer
Ninayan is a powerful information getting & reading tool. Ninayan automatically collects links from your Twitter timeline, parse the link content, divide into images, videos and normal articles. People may browse pictures as album view, or watch videos one by one, or reading articles as a...
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Rating: 5.8
May 07 2011