yape (Yet another property editor) 2.1.3

Qt Widgets by taipan
yape is a (yet another) property editor for qt4. This property editor is similar with qt's designer property editor. It's working only with qobject base classes, and use only qt's properties for more info see http://doc.trolltech.com/4.4/properties.html . The big difference is this property...
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May 06 2009

QExtendedWidgets 1.0

Qt Widgets by jpujolf
* QExtendedGridView : is a piece of software I use extensively in my daliy job. I think could be useful for other, so I decided to publish it. It's written in C++ and based on Qt 4.5 It's designed to improve the behaviour of QT's QTreeView, allowing you to do some things Qt forgot to...
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Apr 28 2009

THCoverFlow 0.1

Qt Widgets by mbertozzi
You can find more info here http://th30z.netsons.org/2009/04/qt4-coverflow-and-qthreadpool/
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Apr 05 2009

QSegmentWidget 0.3

Qt Widgets by Dentoyan
QSegmentWidget is intended as base class for segment widgets like progress controls, status displays, clocks ... A QSegmentWidget contains a number of cylinders with a specified width. Every cylinder can show a number of segments with a defined start and stop angle. The segments can be modified...
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Mar 26 2009

QTermWidget 0.1

Qt Widgets by un-defined
QT4 widget for terminal emulation. It is based on KDE4 Konsole code, which was rewritten entirely, and now it requires QT4 only (no KDE at all). Package provides the widget library and a sample application. The best way to get actual source code for QTermWidget is to use CVS (see project page)....
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Mar 20 2009

QLedMatrix 0.6

Qt Widgets by siliziumm
The QLedMatrix widget simulates a LED matrix (dot matrix) display. A LED matrix display is a 2-dimensional array of dots used to generate characters, symbols and images. It is often seen on machines, clocks and display boards. This generic implementation can configured for any size of rows...
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Mar 17 2009

Black Bar and Buttons 0.1

Qt Widgets by mbertozzi
BlackBar iTunes like and Customizable Black Buttons
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Mar 03 2009

LogListBox 1.0

Qt Widgets by softnhard
LogListBox is a simple widget which enhances QListWidget to be suitable for logging purposes. Maximum count of rows can be set via MaxCount property in the designer and its able to autoscroll to the last inserted item.
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Feb 25 2009

Multi Text Box 1.0

Qt Widgets by softnhard
This widget acts like a masked textbox but uses multiple text boxes. It allows to enable or disable editable textboxes and background color of focused textboxes.
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Feb 22 2009

QFlipWidget 0.1

Qt Widgets by jlareau
QFlipWidget is a container widget that you can use to display a front or a back widget by flipping it over. It will animate and actually appear as if it is physically being flipped. You can choose to flip horizontally or vertically, you can select the animation type, and you can optionally...
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Jan 27 2009