Media Player Control 0.3.0

Qt Tools by blacktass
Media Player Control is a mobile remote control for desktop media players. It is specialized for media players only, no server part from the desktop is needed since it uses the media players network API. Main OSes are Symbian^3 and MeeGo Harmattan, but maybe it will also work on others (never...
Rating: 6.8
Sep 13 2011

Touchegg - Multitouch gesture recognizer 1.0

Qt Tools by joseexposito89
Touchégg is a multitouch gesture recognizer for GNU/Linux that allows associating actions to each gesture. Written in C++ with Qt and uTouch-geis library. To see more information press download button ;) The main work with Touchégg is finished. I'll only make new releases to add the GUI for...
Rating: 6.8
Sep 02 2011

Animated Clock 1.1

Qt Tools by claus001
Just a little nice graphic play-around. Press the cursor keys left and right to change the display. Press F to display in fullscreen.
Rating: 6.0
Sep 01 2011

qtpanel git

Qt Tools by MadFish
qtpanel - a project to create useful and beautiful panel in QtFeatures [li]Applications menu, xdg compatible.[/li] [li]Taskbar with drag-and-drop rearrange.[/li] [li]Notification area (tray).[/li] [li]Clock applet.[/li] [li]Beautiful look.[/li]Other notes [li]Configurability is limited right now...
Rating: 7.1
Aug 27 2011

ServerSide 1.0

Qt Tools by dfrost
Alternative network desktop for MS Windows(i don't know, how to describe it). It was created a year ago just for fun, when i was studing Qt and when i was 17. I want to open source code, maybe some parts of code will help someone to do something great. Sorry, there is no comments in the code.
Rating: 5.0
Mar 21 2011

Epes 1.4

Qt Tools by OpenNingia
Epes isa simple organizer for TV Shows. It helps you remember which shows you follow and the last episode you saw. Also it fetch for you informations about the shows and tells you if new episodes are available :) UBUNTU PPA AVAILABLE!!! To install on ubuntu simply open a terminal and write: sudo...
Rating: 5.0
Mar 04 2011

Egg Window Manager 0.2

Qt Tools by joseexposito89
VERSION 0.2 RELEASED!! * What is Egg Window Manager? EggWM is a X11 window manager written in C++ with the Qt 4 libraries. * Ok but... What is a Window Manager? A window manager is system software that controls the placement of windows, size, decorates with a frame with buttons to close the...
Rating: 7.1
Feb 12 2011

The Zester Project Alpha

Qt Tools by zester
The Zester Project aims to create a fully functional custom desktop environment & Linux/FreeBSD operating system. While at the same time keeping all code brain-dead simple. This project is developed entirely in C++ and Lua
Rating: 5.0
Dec 29 2010

Binary Clock 0.1.0

Qt Tools by bach-qt
Simple, easy tunable binary clock displays the time and the date.
Rating: 5.0
Dec 02 2010

Qalarm 1.1

Qt Tools by yogourta
This is my second Qt application. It's an alarm that it can set specific date/time, url and audio. This app uses phonon.
Rating: 7.2
Nov 26 2010