qutIM 0.3

Phone Apps by degtep
qutIM is crossplatform multiprotocol instant messenger with module-based architecture. Protocols' support can be provided by several plugins, some of them are our own implementations of protocols and some of them uses 3rd party libraries and technologies.Also all functionality is provided by...
Rating: 6.2
Apr 14 2011


Phone Apps by Frank
Media player front end for gstreamer, mplayer and libflashplayer
Rating: 6.5
Jun 16 2010

Crazy Chickens for Symbian 0.1

Phone Apps by kunalone
Crazy chickens game for Symbian 9. Touch based classic egg catcher game for symbian 9 using Qt. Try to save as much of falling eggs by touching hen.
Rating: 6.0
Dec 23 2010

Mobicaching 0.9.4

Phone Apps by noname043
Mobicaching is a Symbian application dedicated to geocachers. Currently downloads data from: - Opencaching.nl - Opencaching.pl - Opencaching.org.uk - Opencaching.us - Opencaching.com Geocaches, with their logs and images, may be saved in device's memory so there is no need to maintain network...
Rating: 6.0
Feb 19 2013

qVortaro (mobile) 1.0.0

Phone Apps by lykurg
qVortaro is a dictionary reader for Symbian^3. It is the ported version of the - very old - desktop version: http://qvortaro.berlios.de.Note: qVortaro is currently in QA Overview at the Ovi store.
Rating: 5.8
Dec 31 2010

2eat 1.0.0

Phone Apps by quangpham
2eat is an application that allow user find restaurants or coffee shops near by their current location. 2eat has developed by using webkit and google map api. Current, our restaurants and coffee shops database is only available in Hanoi (Vietnam). However, it will be updated to another cities in...
Rating: 5.7
Dec 31 2010

Smart Shopper 1.1.0

Phone Apps by Avis
The application will assist in the shopping trip. Its intuitive interface will help You to quickly create and edit shopping lists. The most interesting feature of the application is the reminders, that use the geographic coordinates of the shops. Just enter information about favorite shops and...
Rating: 5.8
Mar 23 2011


Phone Apps by micron
This is the port of rockmarble to MeeGo: http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php/Rockmarble?content=111958 The UI has been totally changed to respect the MeeGo UX guidelines. The app has been tested on meego-netbook-ia32-qemu-1.1.20101031.2037-sda-runtime The source code is also on github inside of...
Rating: 5.8
Apr 15 2011

GaNet 0.0.1

Phone Apps by ksrarc
Genetic algorithm for solving knetwalk game. Build or load the game from file, configure GA: Gene count, Generation count and Mattingpool size, then Wait. Code ported to n900 by Cesar Arana. Created in June 2008 by Cesar Arana and Fabio Soto for evolutionary computation theorical project,...
Rating: 5.7
Apr 15 2011

Quassel2Go 0.8-pre5

Phone Apps by sgiessl
Quassel2Go a mobile client component of Quassel: "Quassel is a program to connect to an IRC network. It has the unique ability to split the graphical component (quasselclient) from the part that handles the IRC connection (quasselcore). This means that you can have a remote core permanently...
Rating: 5.6
Apr 11 2011