WhatWear 1.0.0

Phone Apps by rama123
WhatWear Version 1.0 helps you decide what clothes to wear based on weather. It suggests what to wear using pictures.Just type in the name of city .The app fetches weather data from internet using Google API and converts the temperature to suggested cloth picture based on temperature. ...
Rating: 5.0
May 02 2011

CalPlus 0.1 Beta

Phone Apps by mazd
Features added symbian v3 calculator-features added are: 1.Solving Quadratic Equation. 2.Power finding. 3.Result management. 4.Useful constants. 5.Trigonometrical expressions. 6.Notification area. 7.and others
Rating: 4.3
Apr 22 2011


Phone Apps by profuma
SOLAR ANGLE ver. 1.0 is a deceptively simple app which helps in complex calculation of determining the angle at which solar panel has to be kept to obtain solar optimum energy. Just enter your city , country name and the apps fetches the latitude ,longitude form the internet and completes a...
Rating: 5.3
Apr 21 2011

Q-tigo 1.0

Phone Apps by kowtham79
'Tiger and Goat' is a strategy based very old Indian board game like chess. Here tiger tries to hunt goats and the goats tries to block the tiger's movement. Attached the executable of my application for the users to play the game. This is my first Qt application since after i started to learn...
Rating: 4.0
Apr 16 2011

ProtMoid Mobile 1.0

Phone Apps by T0masM
ProtMoid Mobile: the protein information viewer, ported from Plasma to Qt Mobile. Currently displays information from the wwPDB and ArachnoServer databases. (Sorry, English-only strings at present.)
Rating: 4.3
Apr 15 2011


Phone Apps by alnitak
Watch and download your searched videos and images with Google Image and YouTube. Mediadownloader let you set the image as wallpaper chosing which number of desktop you want it.
Rating: 5.3
Apr 15 2011


Phone Apps by micron
This is the port of rockmarble to MeeGo: http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php/Rockmarble?content=111958 The UI has been totally changed to respect the MeeGo UX guidelines. The app has been tested on meego-netbook-ia32-qemu-1.1.20101031.2037-sda-runtime The source code is also on github inside of...
Rating: 5.8
Apr 15 2011

GaNet 0.0.1

Phone Apps by ksrarc
Genetic algorithm for solving knetwalk game. Build or load the game from file, configure GA: Gene count, Generation count and Mattingpool size, then Wait. Code ported to n900 by Cesar Arana. Created in June 2008 by Cesar Arana and Fabio Soto for evolutionary computation theorical project,...
Rating: 5.7
Apr 15 2011

Smoke Life 1.0.0

Phone Apps by senu
TESTED ON E7 WITHOUT ANY ADDITION Find how much days are reduced from your life if you smoke. Just select the number of cigs you smoke per day using the number roll Either install Qt 4.7.0 or use devices which have Qt 4.7.0 with Mobility 1.1.0 (Symbian Anna devices )Eg:Latest Nokia E7 The sis...
Rating: 5.0
Apr 15 2011

Math Graphica 1.1.1

Phone Apps by johngod
Math Graphica is a advanced calculator with 2D/3D/4D graph, real and imaginary numbers, simple and double integration, user defined constants and formulas. Solves system of equations with complex arguments. Also solves formulas defined by the user, and has a command line. It's a good tool for...
Rating: 4.3
Apr 14 2011