Kontact Touch 4.6~20110211

Phone Apps by bjoernricks
Kontact Touch is an email and groupware client for touch screen devices, like smartphones, netbooks or tablets. It is a sister product to Kontact Desktop based on the same backend, a full featured Kolab Groupware Client and providing end-to-end email security. Kontact Touch is based on the KDE...
Rating: 5.3
Mar 04 2011

File Encryptor 1.0

Phone Apps by mismael
if you are worried about your files privacy , you will not worry any more. this application is the last solution for this problem. this application enables you to protect your files by encrypting it and guarding it with a password. so your files are safe and secured.
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Rating: 5.0
Feb 27 2011

Geeky Avatar 1.1.0

Phone Apps by slavachernikoff
No more boring photos! Create funny avatars look like your friends, family and co-workers. Add these avatars to your address book and see nice images when someone calls you. Also you can save created avatars as image files and share it using MMS, Facebook, or any other service. Features:...
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Rating: 5.3
Feb 24 2011

WPad 1.0.1

Phone Apps by korga001
WPad is a note taking program with support to export the notes to scalable vector graphics format. It also has ability to send the strokes in real-time to another instance of the program.
Rating: 5.0
Feb 19 2011

Columbus Navigation Toolkit 0.9.2

Phone Apps by tswindell
A GPS application that tries to act like standalone handheld GPS devices, it includes the ability to log to file, and stream using bluetooth, network, or act as a serial usb device.
Rating: 5.3
Jan 18 2011

Baby Gender 1.0.0

Phone Apps by rselva123
SYMBIAN TOUCH PHONES APP. Get the baby you want – girl or boy – scientifically! * Also compatible with new Symbian^3 mobiles * Scientific: Based on scientific proven algorithm * Intelligent Selection: Allows you to select only relevant dates.* Intelligent Reporting: If the calculated date is...
Rating: 5.3
Jan 14 2011

YouTube Player 1.0

Phone Apps by sathism
I just Modified Flickr example to display youtube videos. To play these youtube videos flash player plugin needs to be installed.
Rating: 5.3
Jan 05 2011

Piano Chord Finder 1.0.0

Phone Apps by quangpham
This application is designed for Nokia N900 users. It will show the users how to play chords on a piano or keyboard
Rating: 5.3
Jan 03 2011

2eat 1.0.0

Phone Apps by quangpham
2eat is an application that allow user find restaurants or coffee shops near by their current location. 2eat has developed by using webkit and google map api. Current, our restaurants and coffee shops database is only available in Hanoi (Vietnam). However, it will be updated to another cities in...
Rating: 5.7
Dec 31 2010

qVortaro (mobile) 1.0.0

Phone Apps by lykurg
qVortaro is a dictionary reader for Symbian^3. It is the ported version of the - very old - desktop version: http://qvortaro.berlios.de.Note: qVortaro is currently in QA Overview at the Ovi store.
Rating: 5.8
Dec 31 2010