Nitrux 1.0.8

Distros by DevianTN7k1
Welcome To The #NXWorld Hi there!, meet Nitrux. Powered by Linux, KDE Plasma, Qt and Nomad Desktop. #YourNextOS Nitrux is made with by people like you. Nitrux is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu suitable for laptops and desktop computers. Nitrux provides all the benefits of the Ubuntu...
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Feb 07 2018

Newera Linux 1.8

Distros by newera
Newera Linux is not your average Linux Distribution though ( Distro ). It is an operating system that uses the best and latest Desktop Front End to give you beautiful graphics and full multimedia control with mainstream Linux components. It is also a self contained LIVE SERVER which can create,...
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Dec 13 2017

Mint Xfce 32bit - Good Bye Edition

Distros by sysmod_linuxus
To dignify the 32bit architecture era, I share with you all this custom build in which nothing is tied to the author of this customization. PLEASE NOTE The good or bad use of this system falls directly to the end user and not to who in good faith shared it. This system is the mint xfce with the...
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Dec 03 2017

kolomonggo linux v2 x64 beta test - lfs based os 2.0

Distros by purnomoshinigami
kolomonggo linux is LFS based operating system , develop and build manualy from scratch , kolomonggo linux is the Linux operating system from Indonesian. kolomonggo linux is a modern, portable, and fast , kolomonggo linux provides a wide collection of software for daily use, including a well...
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Sep 23 2017

Elementary Freya 32Bit for Offline Computers (and Online)

Distros by lisabonne_citadel
I always desired to have a free full linux operating system for offline purposes. Now is time to share with you the opportunity. This is one of the most complete elementary distribution on the web. You can use as live cd or install it on your hard disk. Totally was added 37 applications, all...
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Jul 14 2017