Adiumicons - Pidgin Emoticon Theme

Pidgin by robotangel
This is a "port" of the "Adiumicons" Emoticon Set by Oscar Gruno and Andrei Fedosjeenko. I just wrote a valid theme file for them so I could use them with Pidgin. Have fun!
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Aug 21 2007

Skype emoticons for Pidgin 1.0

Pidgin by nicolasconnault
Non-animated emoticons from Skype 2.0. Credits to Skype artists.
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Score 58.0%
Jul 02 2008

Pidgin EAP 3.7

Pidgin by Hernou
This is a emoticon theme for Pidgin, for all and originals protocols. This contain emoticons themes for : - AIM - Apple - MightyText - Facebook - Gadu-Gadu - ICQ - MySpaceIM - NateOn - QQ - Sametime - Skype - MSN - WLM - Tlen - Yahoo This contain some buddy list themes, and some...
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Jun 03 2016

Tlen emoticons for Pidgin 1.1

Pidgin by silentwr
Emoticons from polish Tlen communicator.
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Mar 11 2009
Score 50.0%
Jan 26 2008

Gaim/Pidgin ICQ 5.0 Smiley Theme final

Pidgin by Slyon
The Orginal Smilies and Orginal Combinations form good old ICQ 5.0
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Apr 20 2007

Adium Status Icon Classic for Pidgin Theme by menu

Pidgin by MastroPino
Hello everyone, this theme repeats the original icons for Adium, the nice paper! Is enabled thanks to the new option of pidgin from the Preferences menu.How ToExtract into ~/.purple/themes/Original Theme: http://www.adiumxtras.com/index.php?a=xtras&xtra_id=1772User Info:...
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Nov 19 2009

MyHumanity Pidgin

Pidgin by johonunu
This pidgin theme is similar to Humanity pidgin theme made by MaestroPino. I made all icons in .svg format so that thay look sharper and less blury. INSTALL: This theme must be placed in ~/.purple/themes/
Score 46.0%
Dec 01 2009

Tango Alternative (PidginEmoticonTheme)

Pidgin by antario
I know that there's Empathy, but I still love Pidgin more. This is a compilation I made of alternative tango icons, because I really liked the official tango emoticons and didn't find a theme. Some of them are made by me. Hope you like it :DMy graphics tablet has broken! I feel like I lost my...
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Oct 23 2010

Pidgin icons status - Adium style 0.1

Pidgin by Xanderoby
Tangoish Pidgin status inspired by Adium duck. Status-icons width increases with release.. :)
Score 58.0%
Apr 13 2008