WebPhonon 2.0

Video Players by zakhrov
WebPhonon=========Simple Phonon based Video Player written in QtWebPhonon now features a full media library that can be deployed on a MySQL server along with an OpenGL Visualization widget for audio.the visualizer doesnt change with audio (YET) and is just a spinning textured cubeRuntime...
5 .0
Sep 03 2016

Lamya Player 1.4.12

Video Players by spidi123q
a simple easy to use media player that's a mplayer frontend
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5 .8
Apr 16 2012

MediaPlayer-ng 0.1

Video Players by wusel1007
A media player application using the phonon backend. The player remembers the settings (aspect ratio, position in the stream, scale mode, play/pause) for all movies played with the player. Shortcuts for volume control (key 0(muted) to 9 (99%)), (S)cale mode and (A)spect ration provided. (please...
6 .3
Jan 29 2012

KPlayer 0.7.2

Video Players by stikonas
KPlayer is a rich multimedia player that uses the mplayer backend.
7 .4
Mar 29 2012

Xt7-player (now xt7-player-mpv) git

Video Players by koko2k
This version is unsupported.Xt7 also switched from mplayer to mpv.http://qt-apps.org/content/show.php?content=151684https://github.com/kokoko3k/xt7-player-mpv/releases
7 .7
Mar 13 2015

Bakaar 0.3

Video Players by DavidEdmundson
A really simple lightweight KDE media player - especially designed for full screen usage. Doesn't do a lot, but does what's there really well.Prettiest OSD of all current KDE Media Players. Fact.(if someone could run make package on a 32 bit machine I would appreciate you sending me the .deb)
5 .9
Dec 29 2010

Dragon Player 2.0.1

Video Players by eean
Dragon Player is a video player for KDE 4 that focuses on simplicityand easy of use. It is the successor of Codeine, a player for KDE 3.It is now available in gutsy-backports, check out the Dragon Player website if you use Kubuntu.
7 .0
Feb 26 2008

Morphin 0.0.4 Alpha3

Video Players by sebsi
Simple video player based on Python, Gtk+ and Gstreamer. Morphin is a simple video-player aiming to be similar to KDE's Dragonplayer (former Codeine). It's based on Python, Gtk+ and Gstreamer. The main focus is on usability, ergonomics and simplicity. However, it has all features that you need...
5 .0
Mar 09 2008

Whaaw! Media Player 0.2.14

Video Players by thepizzaking
An audio/video player using gstreamer (like totem but without GNOME dependencies) Whaaw! Media Player will play any audio/video files which gstreamer can play. It supports fullscreen mode, seeking, changing video colour settings and more. It is inteded to be a basic media player similar to...
5 .0
Feb 26 2011

ExMplayer 2.0.0 beta

Video Players by rupeshsreeraman
ExMplayer(Extended MPlayer) is a free GUI front-end for MPlayer with thumbnail seeking and tool like media cutter, audio extractor and audio converter.It can play audio,video,dvd files(.vob),vcd files(.mpg,.dat) etc and supports network streaming.Plays hundreds of different video and audio...
5 .0
Feb 26 2013