Terminal Apps by hb882
Cool-retro-term is a terminal emulator which mimics the look and feel of the old cathode tube screens. It has been designed to be eye-candy, customizable, and reasonably lightweight.NOTE: This is only to provide appimages, I am not the developer.
6 .7
Jan 06 2019

AppImage Installer

Terminal Apps by azubieta
Allows to search, install, remove and update Appimages from AppimageHub.com easily via a terminal commands.Usage examples:$ app search SEARCHTERM (shows you available appimages according to your SEARCHTERM)$ app install APP-ID (downloads and installs an appimage)$ app list (returns a list of...
AppImage Debian (.deb) open/Suse (RPM) RedHat (RPM) Arch (tar.gz)
6 .0
May 06 2020

Undamage App [macOS] 1.0

Terminal Apps by Markospoko
Undamage App could be handy in case you can't launch app because of "damaged and can't be opened" popup but you would prefer not to flip security settings =).It's intended to be run in TerminalDon't be shy, give it a try, hesitation isn't good for you, trust me, I'm a doctor ;-). I believe in...
5 .0
May 17 2019

kitty 0.14.3

Terminal Apps by simonizor
A cross-platform, fast, feature full, GPU based terminal emulator.NOTE: This is only to provide appimages, I am not the developer.
5 .0
Aug 30 2019

Simple Message of the Day for Debian-Based Desktops Servers 1.2.0

Terminal Apps by angelad
Pretty up your terminal / CLI window with ascii art and informational snippets about your system. - Prettify your terminal with ASCII art and informational statistics on each terminal launch - Does not interfere with any system-based MOTD you may have set (/etc/motd) - Display the MOTD...
Debian (.deb) Source-Code
5 .0
Oct 01 2019

cowspeak 2.80

Terminal Apps by Sourav
Cowspeak: Display a colourful animal with a random quote or your own text.Usage:Run cowspeak to get a random quote!It accept numerous arguments. Run cowspeak -h to know them!
Debian (.deb)
5 .0
Mar 24 2020


Terminal Apps by hb882
A terminal emulator for the 21st century. Upterm (formerly Black Screen) is an IDE in the world of terminals. Strictly speaking, it's both a terminal emulator and an interactive shell based on Electron.NOTE: This is only to provide appimages, I am not the developer.
5 .0
Oct 10 2018


Terminal Apps by hb882
eDEX-UI is a fullscreen desktop application resembling a sci-fi computer interface, heavily inspired from DEX-UI and the TRON Legacy movie effects. It runs the shell of your choice in a real terminal, and displays live information about your system. It was made to be used on large touchscreens...
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5 .0
Nov 25 2018


Terminal Apps by hb882
Archipelago is an open-source terminal emulator built on web technology.NOTE: This is only to provide appimages, I am not the developer.
5 .0
Dec 27 2018

Xiaomi Flashable Firmware Creator 1.4

Terminal Apps by yshalsager
Xiaomi Flashable Firmware Creator is a command-line tool to generate flash-able firmware-update packages for Xiaomi devices, extracted from official MIUI ROMS.It supports creating untouched firmware, non-arb firmware, firmware + vendor flash-able zip, and firmware-less ROMs.Usage:Creating normal...
Windows Binary
5 .0
Jul 09 2019