File Management by hb882
Search files without indexing, but clever crawling: - 1 thread per mount point - Use as much RAM as possible for caching stuff - Try to avoid "black hole folders" using a regex based blocklist in which the crawler will never come out and never scan useful files (node_modules,Windows,etc) -...
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May 13 2019


File Management by titox2
Lightweight Gtk+ file manager This program has been written with size optimization in mind. To achieve this goal some code from the Busybox project was used. It contains also a simple text editor, a text viewer, an image viewer, a task manager and a filesystem info tool.
Score 50.0%
Dec 21 2006

Tux Commander

File Management by tbzatek2
Tux Commander is open-source file manager with 2 panels side by side written for GTK2 Tux Commander is open-source file manager with 2 panels side by side written for GTK2. The main goal of this project is to create powerful user-friendly file manager for Linux. Some functions are (or will be)...
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Nov 15 2009

Endeavour Mark II

File Management by learfox
UNIX File Management Suite Endeavour Mark II is a complete file management suite with File Manager, Image Browser, Archiver, Recycled Objects system, and a set of file & disk management utility programs.
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Jul 02 2006


File Management by softrage
RageWork is a cross-platform file manager. RageWork is a cross-platform file manager designed to manage your files and documents and do a lot of cool things! It could replace standard Explorer and other file manager. Copying, moving, deleting, changing the name, attributes, date, create new...
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Aug 29 2007

PCMan File Manager

File Management by PCMan2
An extremly fast and lightweight file manager which features tabbed browsing and user-friendly interface * Extremly fast and lightweight * Can be started in one second on normal machine * Tabbed browsing (Similiar to Firefox) * Drag & Drop support * Support mount/umount/eject for volumes...
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Jul 16 2008


File Management by markoa2
A program for automatic file synchronization with removable drives. USBSink is a GNOME program for automatic file synchronization with removable drives, such as flash drives or external hard disks. In USBSink you define a task associated to a particular flash drive, and then have a complete...
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Sep 04 2007


File Management by scolex2
Pygoscelis is modern advanced twinpanel filemanager for GNOME Desktop environment that continues in tradition of dualpanel filemanagers started by Norton Commander. Pygoscelis is written purely in Python language using PyGTK and Gnome Python bindings. Pygoscelis provides many powerful features...
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Sep 06 2006

scytha - java file manager

File Management by beroba
scytha is a file manager in the style of the famous Total Commander but for Linux OS, written in Java, SWT. General Features: Two file views side by side Common file operations: copy, remove/rename, delete Multiple language support (currently english, german, hungarian, turkish) ...
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Feb 12 2007


File Management by kalikiana
A file search tool using different backends which is configurable via the command line. Catfish is a handy file searching tool for linux and unix. Basically it is a frontend for different search engines (daemons) which provides a unified interface. The interface is intentionally lightweight and...
Score 60.0%
Oct 16 2007