Menu Bar Toggler 0.1

Various KDE Stuff by tran-simon
Adds a shortcut to toggle the menu bar (panel) visibility in kde
5 .0
Apr 28 2019

PyDialog [PyQt5] is a new dialog instead kdialog or zenity 0.9.4

Various KDE Stuff by VectoR
My problem was that the kdialog code is still not ported previously to Qt5 and it depends on various Qt4/KDE4 components. The kdialog has big dependency sizes so we made an alternate dialogs like kdialog switches, options (Zenity is too ugly and Gtk based). We would still like full compatibility...
5 .8
Nov 17 2018

XDecorations 0.1.9

Various KDE Stuff by keithhedger
Some eye candy for the holidays, including lights, trees, snowmen, pumpkins, flying sleighs and witches, snow and autumn leaves.This is along the lines of xsnow/xpenguins, and allows you to set themeable decorations on the desktop, you can choose ( at the moment ) either Halloween or Xmas themes...
6 .3
Dec 23 2015

LyLibrary ITA/ENG 2.1.1

Various KDE Stuff by specialworld83
LyLibrary è un progetto nato dal fabbisogno comune di aver a disposizione un software in grado di catalogare libri, di cederli e nello stesso momento di poter farli rientrare. Questo metodo viene usato in tutte le biblioteche del mondo. LyLibrary non solo cataloga ma a una miriade di opzioni a...
5 .0
Jan 26 2015

CodiceFiscale ITA/ENG 2.2.1

Various KDE Stuff by specialworld83
ITA LANGUAGE: Il codice fiscale in Italia è un codice alfanumerico a lunghezza fissa di 16 caratteri, ispirato dall'uso biblioteconomico, che serve ad identificare in modo univoco ai fini fiscali e amministrativi i cittadini, le associazioni non riconosciute, i contribuenti e gli stranieri nati...
6 .3
Jan 26 2015

mpdpipe for be.shell testing

Various KDE Stuff by dys4ya
simple mpd info for be.shell runs as a daemon so needs no polling or scripting language - the most efficient way to get info to your panel.Note: this is a testing version only.
6 .7
Jan 14 2014

kvnkb 0.0.2

Various KDE Stuff by keluoinhac
KVNKB is a Vietnamese keyboard input for KDE. It use ukengine from source of x-unikey (thanks to Long Pham Kim for share it).KVNKB is free and open-source. You can freely use KVNKB under the terms of The GNU General Public License.Phần mềm gõ tiếng Việt cho KDE. KVNKB sử dụng...
5 .8
Nov 28 2013

Meganizer 0.5.0

Various KDE Stuff by EngSaS
The application Meganizer allows you to manage your mediacollections. You can insert books and music. With the functionality of this application, you get not only an overview and search functionality through your collection, but you can also manage your and the wishes of other persons and you...
5 .9
Apr 04 2013

Kaffeine power-control2 for kde4 1.0

Various KDE Stuff by Adenilson
This is the bar to access the most popular applications in your Kde and the Kaffeine player in your kde4x. Now you have two types: Fire and Translucent.
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5 .0
Mar 11 2013

Fix dbus segfault in krunner-appmenu 0.1

Various KDE Stuff by gnumdk
Here a patch fixing dbus segfault when using krunner-appmenu.
5 .0
Dec 20 2012