.torrent file editor

I have been rewriting my library for dealing with the b-encoding format used by BitTorrent's .torrent files, and decided it would be nice to write a test app around it. This is that application.

It's not life changing or anything, but those trying to work on BitTorrent programs might find it useful, as well as those who want to try and edit things not accessible by kfile_torrent.

The application itself is called btype (the name of the underlying lib). Note that I'll probably stop active development with 0.4 (that was quick, wasn't it. ;)), but if you find a bug, let me know.

* You can double-click a line to have its data output to the console.
* Supports reading, editing, and saving .torrent files. This includes adding new entries to lists and dicts, and removing entries.
* It won't try to display unprintable strings, instead just displaying "Binary data".

To use, just right-click on the list view, pretty much all of the commands are done via right-click for now because I am lazy. :(

NOTE: .torrent files have a dictionary called "info". If you edit the values in this dictionary (such as file names and sizes), you will alter its SHA1 sum, and the .torrent will be rejected by the tracker).


11 years ago

v0.4.1 (07-Jun-2005):
* Remove call that is only available in the upcoming KDE 3.5. (It was marked as since 3.3, so don't blame me. ;)

v0.4 (07-Jun-2005):
* GUI improvements here and there.
* Some code cleanups, including the addition of license headers and vim modelines where missing.
* Start with a new document on startup.
* You can now change values of Strings and Ints, and change the names of Dict keys using the inline list view renamer.
* Better handling of binary data.
* You can now add to empty files. Not sure why you'd want to, but it wasn't hard to implement.
* btype nows asks if you want to save changes when you're about to lose your data.
* btype will display the SHA1 hash of the selected item in the status bar. No special reason other than as a quick way to check the SHA1 value of the info hash for debugging.

v0.3.1 (06-Jun-2005):
* Initial (public) release.

8 years ago


Recent .torrent files don't seem to work. The included ones in /test work just fine, but files from e.g. linuxtracker.org don't.
btype-test: WARNING: KXMLGUIClient::setXMLFile: cannot find .rc file btype-testui.rc
btype-test: ERROR: Caught exception: Invalid integer


9 years ago


Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for making the program. I found it really useful editing torrents and doing testing!


11 years ago


As one of the developers of KTorrent, this certainly is a handy tool for me, better then my commandline thing to print out information about torrents.

You should add the possibility to open torrents from the commandline.So you can type btype foobar.torrent, and you don't have to go through the menus.


10 years ago


Nice app, but, it's wold be more handy if it could get torrets form the command line and support drag and drop.


11 years ago


I'm having problems compiling your app. Maybe you could include an INSTALL file with instructions and troubleshooting?
./configure outputs the following colorful errors:

scons not installed, installing local copy.
scons: Reading SConscript files ...
** Enabling debug for the project **
Checking for kde-config : kde-config was NOT found in your PATH
Make sure kde is installed properly
(missing package kdebase-devel?)
Unable to configure scons

Could you please provide further installation instructions?


11 years ago


Sorry about the long delay, I didn't notice any comments on this.

Anyways, kde-config wasn't found, which is odd because it's kinda basic for a kde development environment.

Do you have all the appropriate kde development packages installed (e.g. kdelibs-dev)?



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