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Using KpassDNS, you can define bookmarks in hosts file and speed up your connection while connecting these websites.

Also using KpassDNS, you can bypass DNS level censor. If you define website and IP with KpassDNS, DNS level censor can't stop you. ;)


10 years ago

There is a too important fix in v0.6. Please update.

Fourth Release v0.6 - 17 Apr 2007
A critical error in "update function" fixed
An filter added to exclude "localhost"

Third Release v0.5 - 02 Apr 2007
Translation bugs fixed
Purge function added
Automatic/Manual DNS update function added
Domain add bug fixed

Thanks to kpelit for bug reports ;)

Second Release v0.2 - 26 Mar 2007
i18n works of installation file completed. It use gettext now.
Authentication check added for cli starts.
Bugs fixed about some buttons default status.

First Release v0.1 - 24 Mar 2007


10 years ago

Used to do this all the time on my windows. Nice convenient applet.

Note: All of the locale.count lines in the are flagged as errors when the interpretor wants them. I commented them out. Then I had to fix indentation at one point (python parses indentation!) and then it installed just fine.

Maybe simply ask what language folks want for the install program.

The app might test for root privileges on startup and flag the "error" and gracefully exit.



10 years ago

I solved bugs you said and updated program.

Thanks for your comment.



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