Mount NetFS over kdesu
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If you have a netbook or a notebook or have trubles with hanging in by boot you netfs (nfs) and you be logged in as User and you whant only hang in the NFS-Folders, so can you use this Mount-Netfs, this mounts all nfs-folders who be in the fstab as root. Klicking on and you want call for you root-passwd of you Computer per kdesu and then want be all nfs-folders hang in !

it is a combination of kdesu and "mount -t -nfs -a" as desktoplink.

Download - decompress and copy there on who you like as user :)

At next if you at home or at work, klicking only this link for häng in the nfs-folders who you have configure n you ____-Book ;) or someting..

and plz vote for it! ^

p.s.: my Icontheme it is Real time
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