ReMoot - the pseudo-universal remote control wrapper

ReMoot is written in perl and is a command wrapper for a number of media
programs running on GNU/Linux systems. ReMoot can control all apps listed below. By mapping your multimedia keyboard to remoot you can control ALL of these apps with the same keys. You can also remote control ReMoot over the web using the rewwwoot client.

Supported programs:

1. amarok
2. aqualung
3. audacious
4. banshee
5. bmp
6. exaile
7. gmusicbrowser
8. juk
9. kaffeine
10. kmplayer
11. kscd
12. listen
13. moc
14. mpd
15. mplayer
16. noatun
17. pytone
18. quark
19. quodlibet
20. rhythmbox
21. smplayer
22. totem
23. vlc
24. xine
25. xmms
26. xmms2

ReMoot handles multiple running and supported apps by asking ALSA and DCOP what is going on and tries to guess which app you mean when you issue a command using an clever algorithm we call "Do the Right Thing"TM.

Installation and usage are both very easy. ReMoot plays REALLY nice with key-mapping programs like LinEAK and Keytouch.



Please contact us if you have ideas, find bugs or heaps of nicely
documented code to donate. Hugs and fanmail are also welcome. And money.

We are hosted over at SourceForge. Head over there to download the packages, check out the wiki and post insightful comments on the forum.



Thanx for using ReMoot!


9 years ago

0.9 "Ví¥rgí¥rda" - This release introduces a new client/daemon model and adds or improves support for many apps: moc, mpd, quark, beep media player, pytone, gmusicbrowser, xmms2 and smplayer. Do the Right Thing is even smarter than before. rewwwoot is faster and safer and now distributed in a separate package. We have debs too!

0.4 - Added support for mplayer, VLC, exaile, aqualung, audacious, kscd and listen. Added "Do the Right Thing". Updated license to PAL 2.0 - Fixed a stupid bug that prevented the program to list supported programs - Included Rewww00t, the web interface! Thanks to Linus!

9 years ago



I have been looking for a devise to control my HTPC-based home-theatre for a while, and this may be it! Yesterday I found out about the Nokia N810 and with a little bit more research - about you guys!

Well - to the point. IS IT POSSIBLE to use your software on the N810 as a secondary touch-screen monitor. I understand that you can probably set it up to control winamp, etc, but...

...can I set it to see what I see on my main monitor (i.e. TV) but be able to, say, open Google on the HTPC, see it open on both the TV and the N, touch-screen-click on the search box in Google/enter my search string, and see results on both monitors? Or, when watching a movie in VLC, etc, and wanting to go forward, drag the running time scale forward on the N rather than using the mouse on the main monitor.

Little confusing (I woke up at 8 to type up this question after going to sleep at 3), but I think you'll get me:)




9 years ago


Short answer: no

ReMoot is not a remote viewing application. ReMoot will only control the apps mentioned above, either through command line or via programs like Keytouch or Rewwwoot (Rewwwoot is just a web based frontend for ReMoot.)

ReMoot can only send the commands play, pause, playpause, forward, back, mute, volup/down, and stop, not "seek 10s forward". In the next version of ReMoot (coming soon) you will be able to send any command to anything that can take commands from CLI.

What you are looking for is something like VNC. VNC will let you se the sceen of your PC through a device like the N800/810 or any PC (there are both VNC client and server for the N800/810).

The N800 is so much more than a remote! It's a tiny linux computer. Buy one! I'm in love with mine. ;-)


9 years ago


Uhm I actually just rebooted my machine and it started working properly :).

Thank you, great tool! :)


9 years ago


Good app there, helped me using my media keyboard. But volup, voldown and mute doesn't seem to work with Amarok, any idea?

Thank you!


9 years ago


The volume control is not tied to a specific player, but uses ALSAs "amixer" command. Off the top of my head I have two suggestions:

1) If you use ALSA as sound system and volume setting does not have any effect on any player that uses ALSA, then you need to check which audio channel that is the master channel in your sound card and for your ouput. I have had a report where "Headphone" was the correct name of that channel, instead of "Master". Play around with amixer and find the correct channel, then hunt down the amixer commands in the daemoot file and update these accordingly.

2) If it is *only* Amarok that ignores your volume settings, then have a look at the back-end Amaroks plugs in to by checking its preferences and switch to one that uses ALSA if it does not already.

Let us know how things go so we can provide a fix or info on our wiki!



9 years ago


Please contact us if you have feature requests, find bugs or heaps of nicely
documented code to donate.

Contact us here or via the email addresses in the Read Me.



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