ScreenGen - Console thumbnail maker
Video Software

Create picture thumbnail (screenlist) from video file.
Console application (no GUI).
There are more than 50 parameters.
All parameters are specified on the command line or in the configuration file.

Compiled with Qt 4.8.6, FFmpeg 2.1.5.

Tested on GNU Linux Fedora 20 x86_64, Scientific Linux 6.5 x86_64.

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2 years ago

2014-09-09 (1.8)
* Change console output.
* Change default aspect ratio to DAR (Display Aspect Ratio).
* Added parameter "maxRows" if use parameter "timeStep".
* Added parameter "version".
* Added parameter "stampStart".
* Added example scripts.

2013-09-22 (1.7)
* Fix segmentation fault if open error videofile, if not exists video stream or video codec.
* Video Codec names fixed.
* Added parameter "timeStep".

2012-08-31 (1.4)
* Disable log messages from ffmpeg-libs.
* Added parameters "fontFrameShadowOffset", "fontFrameShadowInt", "fontFrameShadowColor" for timestamp shadow.

2012-09-19 (1.5)
* Fix errors.
* Added parameters "frameBox", "frameBoxColor", "stampDescr", "stampDescrPos".
* All color parameters (except shadows) support alpha channel (maybe set to "R,G,B,A").

2012-11-22 (1.6)
* Fix segmentation fault if audio not present in video file.
* Added parameters "presetsList" and "presetInfo".

4 years ago


Please do not send messages in private.
Write here, or by eMail.


4 years ago


Thank you of a good cli application. Working fine with the Kubuntu 12.04.

The compilation will stop with the error: "src/qffmpeg.cpp:118:144: error: ‘av_rescale’ was not declared in this scope". A fix is to add "#include <libavutil/mathematics.h>"
to the "src/qffmpeg.h"


4 years ago


In my system (Fedora) so there is no error, because mathematics.h included in avutil.h, avutil.h included in swscale.h, swscale.h included in qffmpeg.h. Also, this error was not in the SL 6, and Windows.
In the next version added mathematics.h in qffmpeg.h.



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