This is a front end GUI for the pdfnup ( and a little bit more.

  • Pdfnup 2.07 now has image support. However, pdfnup-gui still uses imagemagick to convert the image files into pdf, because the jpg and png feature has not been yet extensively tested.

  • Pdfnup 2.07 supports creating a single output document from multiple input documents

  • Pdfnup allows one or more PDF files to be n-upped (which is print more pages tiled on one sheet).

    But pdfnup has a few limitations:
  • it can be used only with PDF files

  • although accepts more than one file as input, it will generate an output file for each of the input files (basically it will work with one PDF with multiple pages and it will tile the pages from one PDF into a new document)

  • The pdfnup-gui also adds the following:
  • it accepts as input PDF file(s) or any image file(s)

  • it will generate a single output file from more PDF or image files tiling all the pages of these documents

  • So, pdfnup-gui will take as input a list of images and/or PDF files and will generate a single PDF file with these pages tiled up.

  • pdfjam (pdfnup and pdfjoin)

  • imagemagick (for converting the images, because pdfnup works only with PDF files)

  • QT4 development libraries (for compiling)

  • Any suggestions or bugs, please report them at cosminadrianpopescu at


    6 years ago


  • Added preview for input files

  • Added the possibility of rotate (based on pdf90, pdf180 and pdf270)

  • Fixed the configure file (the application was installing only on Ubuntu distributions; now it should install on any distribution)

  • Added support for pdfjam 2.0.8

  • 1.0.1
  • Added support for pdfnup 2.07

  • Since pdfnup 2.07 supports creating a single output from multiple pdf files, pdfjoin is no longer used for pdfnup 2.07

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