qICCreator is a simple IC creator, designed mostly with speed and simplicity in mind. It is mainly intended to students who have to draw ICs for their school or university and do not want to learn how to use real chipset editors like Eagle.
The program is based on Qt 4.3 and released under the GNU General Public License.
Static binaries (with and without OpenGL) are provided for Mac OS X and Windows.

- Some basic gates, wires, connections (yet, simply a dot) and labels
- Picture export, printing
- Custom font for labels
- IC template system (templates are stored in ~/.qiccreator/templates)
- Standard editor features (copy&paste, undo etc.)
- Picture library (pictures are stored in ~/.qiccreator/pictures) with basic picture operations and import/export

Planned features:
- Add more basic gates
- More drawing features
- More customization (custom colors etc.)
- Tabbed interface


9 years ago

Changes 0.3.1 -> 0.3.2:
- NEW: Picture library allowing to use custom pictures in ICs
- NEW: Circuit rotation of 0,90,180,270 degrees
- NEW: Ubuntu package and deployment scripts
- BUGFIX: Font is now set correctly when loading an IC
- Some minor usability changes

Changes 0.3 -> 0.3.1:
- NEW: An XML format is now used for *.qic- and *.qict-files, converting old files and templates is possible
- NEW: Added binaries that do not use OpenGL for drawing the ic to make the program run fast on older hardware, too
- NEW: Added Reshape tool, although one can only drag the points of existing wires at the moment
- NEW: Arrow keys can now be used to move selected elements
- BUGFIX: Fixed shortcuts under Mac OS X, now using the Meta modifier

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