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Automatically generates moodbar files for any songs (local) in the Playlist.

This is essentially a rewrite of the "Moodbar Generator 0.56" script by Евгений Лежнин.

I hope the code improves the looping and process delegation, making it clearer and more predicatable.

To control the processing resources the script uses, there is the same setting for process niceness but in addition there is also a setting for generation time per MB of file. Defaults are niceness of 19 and 500ms per MB.

Increase the time per MB to allow the script more time on each file and reduce the load on your system. This will of course mean that it will take the script longer to process the Playlist.
Reducing the value will mean less time per file and thus less time before the loop comes around again and starts on the next file. Thus multiple "moodbar" processes may be running at one time.

Unfortunately the settings must be altered in code, but editing a single file should be trivial.
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