Amarok 1.x Scripts

Version 0.1.3

The amaroK nightingale script

This script is supposed to shutdown your pc after the last song.

I am a great fan of the "xmms goodnight plugin" and i wanted a comparable function in amaroK, too.
As you can see script is a very simple shell script and i really would love to see anyone do something more professional here. (maybe integrate this functionality in kshutdown ?)

You can easily edit the script and let it do something else at the end of the playlist.
What it basically does, is to check whether amaroK is changing into "stop" mode.
(which will happen when you click at the stop button or when the last song of your playlist is over)

so keep in mind:

-it will shutdown your pc when the last song of the playlist is over
-it will shutdown your penguin when you press stop!


good night folks!

these few lines have been brought to you by Vasco a.k.a Bollo

Druid (at) gmx (dot) net


11 years ago

v 0.1.3 04-21-2005
Script will shutdown pc no matter what your default logout settings are.

v 0.1.2 03-30-2005

sudo is not required anymore

v 0.1.1 03-29-2005

script switches off repeat mode by itself now.
this requires amarok > 1.2.3 (until now only cvs sources) because they included a new dcop call in amaroK which is used by this script.

11 years ago


Hi guys!

Great script, I used it many times!

But, I added a dcop-call which would be important, if you've activated "Restart running scripts on application startup":

dcop amarok script stopScript nightingale

You know why ... ;-)


11 years ago


The CommandExecutor script does the same job, but is more flexible. For example, it won't shutdown your computer if you press stop. Check it!


11 years ago


I think the ScriptManager will not be able to handle the package correctly. You should put the contents into a directory "nightinggale", and then tar it up.

Cheers for the script :)


11 years ago


Jupp -- you are right!

I uploaded a new tarball.
Should be fine now. Thanks for the information.

bye Bollo


11 years ago


what i forgot to mention:
you need sudo set up properly, so that your user is allowed to shut down the system using the sudo comand.

sorry about that.



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