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This Perl script maintains a per-song volume information. What it means is
that a volume is associated with each song, which is recorded whenever the
volume changes, and is restored to its last value when the song is played
again. This is useful if you have several songs which sound louder or softer
than the rest.

To run this script you need perl 5 and DBD::SQLite

The file "$HOME/.kde/share/apps/amarok/scripts-data/per-song-volume.default-volume.txt"
can optionally hold the default volume for playing the files (an integer
from 0 to 100). The default setting for it is 40.

I hope you find this script useful!

-- Shlomi Fish
Last changelog:

11 years ago

First stable version.


4 years ago

Normal people use ReplayGain-enabled taggers to achieve the same thing in much saner way. Amarok's support for replay gain is just fine.


11 years ago

First stable version.

product-maker strohel Mar 28 2013

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