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Board by xxxcucus
Position your planes on your game board and guess where the computer has hidden its before it guesses where you have hidden yours. The open-source app is available for Android, Windows and Linux. Starting with version 0.4.0 the Android app allows multiplayer games as well. It is possible to...
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Oct 22 2023

STRP x ReVanced ROOT

System Tools (NOT OS or ROMS) by crankv2
Root version of STRP x ReVanced flashable .zip file. STRP x YT & YTM ReVanced (Root) ━━━━━━━━━━━━ YTVersion: v18.30.37 YTMVersion v6.15.51 Changelogs: Based on Latest RVX Patches Tool Used : RVX Builder by Inotia00 & ReisXD ━━━━━━━━━━━━ Added: - Black Theme - Material You Theme (A12+) C...
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Aug 15 2023

Inner Breeze

Education Apps by waotzi
A guided breathing meditation app based on the Wim Hof Breathing Method designed to help you rediscover inner peace, reduce stress, and enhance mindfulness in moments.
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Sep 11 2023


Audio Apps by SeeLook
[b]Metronome[/b] that works and sounds similar to mechanical devices but with all goods of computer program. [b]Features[/b] - natural (real audio) sounds - selectable beat and ring sounds (i.e.: real metronome, clapping, snapping, etc.) - tempo changes (accelerando, rallentando) and...
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Jan 06 2022