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432Hz Batch Converter

Audio Extractors/Converters by hanuman
/wiki/432hz-Batch-Converter From Etienne Charland aka Hanuman, by a lightworker in his free time. https
432hz encoder batch converter audio software app extraction
Jul 16 2023

Simplest Studio

Audio Extractors/Converters by helg
Simplest Studio Simplest Studio is an application that allows you to convert and optimize audio files. The following encoding modes are implemented: - FLAC - WAV - DFF (for use this format also need to install utility 'sacd-extract') - MP3 Installation: - Arch Linux /...
app audio converter encoder extraction flac mp3 software wav
Oct 15 2020

Transcoder Audio Edition

Audio Extractors/Converters by chelovek84
Transcoder Audio Edition is an audio converter for Linux which can convert from one audio format
app audio converter extraction software
Aug 26 2011


Audio Extractors/Converters by msnkambule
Konvertible is a program to convert audio files to other audio formats via ffmpeg. Konvertible simplifies file conversion for ffmpeg users. You can add more than one audio file and then click the convert button to transcode them one after the other. In version 1.0 the metadata tags of source...
app audio converter extraction software
Jun 04 2010