The main goal of lrcShow-X is to add synchronized lyrics visualization functionality to the most used Linux media players, using existing LRC files, embedded lyrics like ID3 Sylt, Uslt, Lyrics3 and ApeTag. It also searches for lyrics using 13 different engines among which we can mention MiniLyrics, EvilLyrics, LrcDB and TTPlayer.

lrcShow-X is written entirely in python using pyqt4 and supporting more than ten different players like Amarok2, Qmmp, Audacious, rhythmbox, songbird and many other Linux Players (normally using a dbus interface). From 1.4.0, lrcShow-X supports mpd and xmms2, please read addons/README for details.

If you have experienced lrcShow-II lyrics plugin with Amarok1, you should know what this application can do, just supporting more players and having more functions.

Currently, lrcShow-X supports zh_CN, zh_TW, it, en_US, hr, ru, ms, uk, es, id, da, pt_BR, Cs translations.

Please read help documents with the built-in browser or the README file in package to get more details.

Depends on:
>=python-2.4 (not includes python 3 at present)
pyqt4 (python, qt4 bindings)
dbus-python (dbus, python bindings)
pygobject (python, gobject bindings)


5 years ago

2012-02-08 - 2.1.1
1. fix a bug of missing en translation

2012-02-02 - 2.1.0

1. fix a bug that can't save some setting items when application auto quits
2. fix a bug that can't centered the lyrics in OSD mode when change the show-line
3. add soso as the 15th search engine
4. add lrc123 as the 16th search engine
5. fix ttplayer engine, because of domain changing
6. fix a bug that ttplayer engine always download lrc file from ctc network
7. update some translations

2011-05-06 - 2.0.0

1. fix the bug of avoiding deleting the last selected engine by double click item in multisearch setting page
2. improve the logical of searching lrc file
3. window title change immediately after changing the title bar info setting
4. auto/manually launch supported media player when there is no player detected
5. auto update configuration file silently
6. add a simple setting wizard when first run
7. re-write strategy setting dialog
8. improve preference dialog
9. delete an unnecessary setting item in filter setting dialog
10. separate search local lrc code as a module
11. add clementine support
12. add tuneWiki as the 14th search engine
13. fix a bug that can't centered the current lyrics in fullscreen display mode when change font
14. window height could be changed by dragging the edge of window
15. fix a bug that multi-search mode cause segment fault
16. fix drag-drop function
17. fix a bug that the current lyrics line can't be centered when change the line margin
18. add deadbeef support (need add dbus patch)
19. fix an endless loop bug
20. auto quit after the player quits

7 years ago


Having being using this great software for quiet a long time.Although it's still not that perfect as the one for amarok1,I hope it will be better and better,thanks for your good work!


5 years ago

my message is in 31th floor.
All text must be in English....
It is strange talking beteen two chinese people



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