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Version 0.10 is released. This version is available as an Ubuntu package for Lucid, as a Debian package for Squeeze and as a Windows installer. For Linux there are two versions available: KtikZ and QtikZ. KtikZ is integrated with the KDE4 platform, whereas QtikZ has the traditional Qt-only interface. Thanks go to Glad Deschrijver, Agustin Martin and Stuart Prescott for their contributions.

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6 years ago

Version 0.10 (2010-08-26):
- KDE integration (the possibility to compile Qt-only still exists)
- template files on remote machines can be used using KIO (only in the KDE
- TikZ source files on remote machines can be loaded, saved and exported
using KIO (only in the KDE version)
- error messages while generating the preview are shown in the preview
window itself
- zooming is done in a separate thread now, so the interface is not blocked
when zooming at large sizes
- a kpart is available that can be used to view TikZ source files in
konqueror (the kpart opens files having the text/x-pgf mimetype)
- update list of tikz commands
- remove bug which causes ktikz to hang (since Qt 4.6) when typesetting
a picture
- remove bug: cannot find TikZ documentation when selecting "TikZ Manual"
in the Help menu, even if configured correctly
- display description of a newly inserted tikz command (using command
completion or menu) in the statusbar, so that the user still sees the
usage of a command after it is inserted
- add option to compile the TikZ code only when pushing a "Build" button
- add reload button
- add shell script and ktikz template to the examples directory which can
be used to generate the preview with the latex; dvips; ps2pdf sequence
instead of pdflatex (the usage is described in the shell script code)
- check whether the file has changed when ktikz gets the focus (similar
to kwrite)
- in the kpart check for file changes and reload if there are any (similar
as in okular)
- the zoom percentage field is now displayed and edited in the user's locale
- added documentation
- remove bug: when the error box is larger than the preview and the next
compilation does not give errors, the error box is still visible outside
the area covered by the preview
- try to find or use the default hard-coded (configurable in conf.pri and
CMakeLists.txt) path to the TikZ documentation when an empty path is
stored in the local settings (this is the case e.g. when ktikz is run
for the first time)
- when inserting code using code-completion, the arguments and options that
must be filled in are marked by a bullet, the bullets can be browsed with
the Tab-key
- now also an URL to an online version of the TikZ documentation can be
specified in the configuration dialog
- an icon for Windows and an NSIS Windows Installer script are now available
- the "Insert" menu is now also translated

Version 0.9 (2009-09-10):
- remove bug that on startup the item selected in the template combobox
did not correspond to the text in the lineedit of the combobox
- correct the height of the lineedits in the configuration dialog
- the path to the TikZ documentation must now be set in the configuration
- don't wait one second before generating the preview when a file is
loaded, the template is changed or shell escaping is toggled
- only files are used now as a template file (previously directories
and everything with a valid path was used), otherwise the default
template is used
- if the replacement text is empty, then the default template is used
instead of giving non-informative errors
- when the commands dock is visible (instead of the menu), the code that
will be inserted is visible in the status bar on hovering the item in
the list
- clicking on an item in the commands dock only includes the corresponding
code once (instead of twice)
- added file name completion to the template line edit and the line edits
in the configuration dialog
- space and tab markers resize according to the font size of the main text
- the color of the space and tab markers can be changed in the
configuration dialog
- white space and tabulator settings are separate now
- scrolling in the text edit with the arrow keys is faster now
- better completion of \begin{... and \end{...
- allow to use the icons set in KDE4 when the appropriate variable in
conf.pri is set
- remove bug that the "Next Image" and "Previous Image" buttons remained
visible when emptying the code text area
- remove bug: statustip of the toggle view actions in the Settings menu is
not shown when a toolbar or sidebar is hidden on startup
- add support for session management (open windows will be reopened after
logging out and logging in again)
- added option in the config dialog to enable/disable completion of the
tikz commands
- trying to open a file from the "Open Recent" menu that does not exist
anymore does not cause an empty window to be opened anymore, furthermore
the file is removed from the "Open Recent" list

Version 0.8 (2009-03-29):
- allow text under icons in toolbar
- remove bug: when a second ktikz window is closed while typesetting,
the cursor is not restored from busy to normal
- remove bug: when the document is untitled and not yet saved, then
opening a file opens the file in the current window, destroying the
unsaved text
- added some tikz commands to the list of commands
- disable "Save" and "Save As" actions when the file in the text editor
is the same as on disk
- replace the "Replace this occurrence" dialog by a widget shown at the
bottom of the text editor
- added filter "PGF files" in "Open File" dialog
- the previously selected templates can now be selected from a combobox
- added "Clear" button to each line edit
- remove bug: the size of the default font did not change after setting
a new font size in the config dialog
- new way of writing the temporary latex and pgf files, this also solves
the bug in which the line numbers in the log window did not correspond
to the line numbers in the editor
- each time the template is changed a new QTemporaryFile is used, this
avoids the bug that if the template contains less characters, then the
bottom of the old template is still there in the file (luckily latex
stops parsing at the first \end{document}, so this bug was not visible)
- allow to use KDE4 file dialogs when the appropriate variable in conf.pri
is set
- remove bug (I hope) that caused ktikz to crash when zooming while ktikz
is typesetting

Version 0.7 (2008-08-26):
- disable previous image button if the first image is shown, disable
next image button if the last image is shown
- the first time that the End button is pressed the cursor is moved to
the end of the line (on screen), the second time the cursor is moved
to the end of the block (end of the line in the file)
- don't run latex on startup when no document is loaded from the command
- adjust size of the viewport in which the preview is displayed when new
items are added to the tikz picture
- added completion of the tikz commands
- the tikz commands are now loaded from an XML file
- corrected the size of the colored background around the highlighted
- remove bug in ConfigDialog::selectFont() (replace "if (&ok)" by "if (ok)")
- the command "New" in the "File" menu now opens a new empty window,
the commands "Open" and "Open Recent" open the selected file in a new
window, a "Close" command is added which empties the current window
- the (empty) document is not typesetted anymore when the "Close" command
(which has the same behavior as the old "New" command) is executed
- add the directory in which the template file is located to the
$TEXINPUTS environment variable (useful if the template \inputs other
- layout changes in the configuration dialog

9 years ago


thanx for these great enhancements! i like this simple program, very useful to make graphics with TikZ!



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