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    KStreamRipper (formally KRadioRipper) is a program for recording Internet radios and other streams. For streams that provide information about the song title, it can split the stream and create an own file for each track - with a corresponding file name and corresponding metadata. KStreamRipper is based on Streamripper and provides a well-arranged user interface for whose features. Like Streamripper, it accepts MP3, AAC and OGG streams from Shoutcast-servers and Icecast-servers.

    It is stable and usable (but not feature-complete).

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    If an entry appears twice for you operation system, then one of the entries is the debug package (=if the URL that is displayed in the statusbar when you move the mouse over the link has the text "debug" within it). This is because of a bug of kde-apps.org which catches also the debug packages. To install KStreamRipper, please use the other package.

    All of the binary packages which are offered here, are part of repositories, which you can use to install the most recent stable release ("kstreamripper") or the latest development snapshot ("kstreamripper-unstable") or the internal API documentation ("kstreamripper-devel-doc").

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    You're welcome to make a bug report at
    or request a feature at
    If reporting a bug, please call "kdebugdialog --fullmode" and set the debug output for kstreamripper for all areas to "Shell". If you can't find kstreamripper in the list, set the debug output for "0 - generic" for all areas to "Shell". This will make you see the debug output when you call KStreamRipper from the console. (In KStreamRipper up to 0.7.91 will instead create a log file "kstreamripper.log" in your home directory.) Please add the debug output to your bug report. If you are reporting a crash, additionally install the kstreamripper-debug packages and include in your report the backtrace (displayed automatically after the crash) and the log file.

    KStreamRipper has a very extensive internal API documentation, which is not only available as package (see "Download") and as tarball, but also online:

    We search contributors! Just contact with us!

  • Changelog:

    5 years ago

    * Maintaince release
    * better GNOME integration
    * UI work
    * Mandriva 2010.1 packages
    * Fedora 15 packages

    * Maintaince release
    * A crash is fixed
    * Enhanced internal build system

    * Maintaince release

    * Fixed automatic package build for developer documentation

    * Support for custom meta data rocessing
    * Disabling libproxy temporally support because a libproxy bug that affects all KDE apps (http://code.google.com/p/libproxy/issues/detail?id=96) and because of build problems.
    * Start creating experimental .deb packages
    * Smother behavior of the general configuration dialog (download directory, manual proxy... are now correctly updated when loading default values and have a cleaner internal interface).
    * Provide debug packages in the official repository (only for RPM based distributions).

    8 years ago


    Hi, when I tried to build KRadioRipper 0.1.3 it failed becuase settings_stream.h was missing.
    I checked in the archive and I haven't found it.



    8 years ago


    Hi Josef.

    settings_stream.h isn't part of the archive because it is generated automaticly with the kconfig compiler from settings_stream.kcfg - this is handeled by cmake/make.

    In the archive there is no INSTALL file - I'll write one with build instructions for the next release. Try building it this way:

    Download the bz2 file to a new, empty directory. Switch to this directory and do:

    bunzip2 *bz2
    tar -xf ./78068-kradioripper-0.1.3.tar
    cmake ./
    make -j 2
    make install

    Does it work this way?


    8 years ago


    Thanks you, it worked!!!



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