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>only those brand pc's made for offices are clean inside.
but you can't use them @ home, because some of them don't have a ACP/PCI express slot for GFX cards.

Not true

>they have choice, they could pay a litle bit more and save time/money on fixing their pc's. the addware that sneaked in via internet explorer.

Hello? This is not a winblows user gathering. People here use Linux or BSD as their primary OS.

>many people are just plain sheep. the don't know how to use their own computer, but have because everyone has one.

Same can be said about Mac users. For instance, do you know wether iTunes supports Ogg Vorbis and FLAC files? It does not, and there is no easy way to make it (except for a dirty hack). Do you know why? Because they have decided for you that AAC and MP3 is all you need.

>i high doubt that any is better than ipod or apple.

I prefer to discuss the taste of a pineapple with someone who tasted it. Sorry.

>it look better than my nokia n73 and nokie 5800 express music.

These are phones, not music players. You can not compare them to iPods.

If you want to find out about portable players, visit

>the other players just want a litle piece of the market, but pretty much all where build after the first ipod left the shop.

Ever heard about Sony Walkman? The first portable audio player EVER? Google it up.

>i also have the apple airport extreme, i probaly was the first to own it in this country.
even the power suply has a cooler design than your 'iRiver'.

I do not care about the design. It's a gadget, not a goddamn jewelry. It can look glamorous, but it still sucks.

>microsoft, a company, that dind't invent anything.


>just bought/stole and probably even source open source and assembled their own mashup.

True. And the same is true for Apple. OS X is even based on BSD, and Safari's WebKit is based on khtml.
Jan 02 2010
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This is exactly what I was talking about.

>it has the best GUI

This is disputable at best

>and it beables you to work faster.

How exactly?

>i have a Quicksilver powermac, it looks clean inside. no cable system like a pc.

Do you casually need to open up your computer case? If you make upgrades weekly, I envy your incomes. Besides, brandname PCs (as opposed to home-built) also are clean inside (but that makes upgrading a pain in the arse).

>many people can brake their pc very easy be adding stuff.

I have built all my computers myself, and never has broken a thing by adding "stuff".

>each and every windows user on this planet has trouble with windows.

So true, but the crappiness of windows is not a strong point of OS X

>but yet people keep buying it.

Power of habbit I presume. Plus, they have little choice.

>i have a friend who is MSCE certified, i recommend him to try apple, he was stunned and still is happy today.
(he know and he is a microsoft engineer)

This proves that Apple is just Microsoft nr. 2. A slave does not bother much when his master changes.

>apple is exspensive, but if it where cheaper, microsoft would be gone is no time.

I beg to differ. If Apple products were cheaper, they would lose their "elite" status and lose market share. Diamond rings are so popular cause they are expensive. They have no practical value, just to show their owner is rich. BTW, google for the "iAmRich" iPhone app - it explains a lot.

>p.s. i have a ipod, it's a cool GUI, that's what made it a HIT article, i also have a 10US$ mp3 player.
hahaha , a typical use and trow away article.

Wow! Compare an iPod to a 10 buck crappy noname player. How fair. How about a Cowon? Or an iRiver? These players just blow iPods away.
Jan 02 2010
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