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Read It Later

Utilities Mar 13 2011
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Youtube Download

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Megaupload Starter

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GrooveOff 0.2.0 Audio
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May 13 2014
Thanks for sharing this. At the moment it seems a poor version of original service: no author, album, title fields, no album cover and, most important, no public API. Give me a bunch of days to adapt GrooveOff to the new service. May 06 2015
Quote:for what is this small dumb fourfold bar graph fidgeting right from the song's list entry?

It is a visual helper for the current playing song. If you have a smartphone it is very likely that you find the same "dumb fourfold bar graph" in some media app; i.e.:

And guess what, it doesn't follow song's rhythm...

Mar 23 2015
libqt4 is obviously necessary to grooveoff but the your distro's package manager should handle it transparently.

Moreover, instead installing grooveoff manually it's possible to add a dedicated repo following instructions provided here:

Cheers Oct 11 2014
The simplest thing that you can try is renaming/removing grooveoff configuration files to exclude a corruption in one of them. Check the following:

file: ~/.config/gcala/grooveoff.conf

folder: ~/.local/share/gcala/grooveoff

rename them to something else and start grooveoff again: anything new?

In addition, you can:
* launch grooveoff from terminal and copy&paste all the output.
* use strace command (from strace package):

strace grooveoff 2>&1 | tee >(bzip2 -c > /tmp/grooveoff.strace.bz2)

upload the file /tmp/grooveoff.strace.bz2 somewhere (dropbox, f.i.) and share the link.

Which Mint version are you using? If I'm not wrong is 32bit, right? Is it full updated? Sep 23 2014
If you compiled grooveoff yourself a new compilation may help. In case you used one of the pre-built binary I just triggered a new build procedure so new binaries should be ready in few minutes. Tell me if it helps. Sep 22 2014
install the following packages and try again:

ca-certificates Mar 30 2014
grooveoff compiles agains qt4 while seems that you have installed qt5. which distro are you using? Mar 29 2014
Hi, unfortunately I can't confirm this problem. It's working on my side. An Archlinux user informed me that he solved a network error installing "ca-certificates-java". Give it a try.

Bye Feb 01 2014
Link added, very thanks. Dec 11 2013
Thanks for your effort but I'm currently using opensuse build service (OBS) to provide binary packages for various distributions, including opensuse. Dec 09 2013 belongs to libqjson0, can you check that the package is installed? Oct 21 2013
Try installing one or both of them and check which one suit your needs. Sep 07 2013
sorry if I'm late. Can you tell me how you installed GrooveOff? From source code or fron binary provided by your distro? Usually, "SSL Handshake Failed" error is due by missing ca-certificates package. Check if it's installed.
Sep 05 2013
Seems that links for pre-packaged binaries are all pointing to old version 0.1.4. Maybe a temporary problem of openDesktop server/API. You can still download it from my blog page:

In the meantime I'll send a mail to maintainers.

Thanks for reporting this issue.
Jul 16 2013
Thank you. Package updated with your translation. May 30 2013
Sorry but current grooveshark's api doesn't have this option, only patented mp3 format. May 04 2013
Can you give me more infos, like:

* how did you install the app (source code, from puppy repos, etc)?
* which qt version are you using?
* and puppy version?

This error never popped in my tests, though. Apr 22 2013
Great! Apr 20 2013
Thanks; added link to download list Apr 17 2013
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Dec 19 2014
My fault. Thanks for reporting Dec 19 2014
Ok, I decided to partially accept your changes:
- all new lines are in
- changed ;-) and ;) in ;-P and ;P
- regarding 8) and 8-) , they are quite standard; f.i. are used this way in standard kde emoticons; anyway, I can't find among google emoticons a "nerd smile". So left untouched.

Thanks Dec 18 2014
Before releasing I have to ask: why you removed some lines? Dec 18 2014
Thanks. I'll ship your changes later this day. Dec 18 2014
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Sep 14 2014
Hi, I'm the author of the content your have "forked". I have to say that that this way to release things is inappropriate. The normal flow when you have something new is to propose your modifications upstream and only if the author refuses them you have all the rights to release a fork, if you consider your modifications a real advancement. What is worse is that you're using the same name for your fork, and this could be called phishing. So I ask that you remove the current package and upload it with a different name or I'll be forced to report this to site maintainers.

Regards Sep 13 2014
MovieThumbs 0.4.0 Various KDE 1.-4. Stuff
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Mar 01 2014
Hi, I'm always glad to help. Regarding your requests:

- a file name to test could be 'Les Misérables (2012).mkv'.

- no privacy problem for using my real name ;)


Jun 16 2013
Hi, this service menu is very useful, thanks. But it doesn't work properly with filenames containing accented letters, very common in italian. I looked at your code and found a solution: you use the following code to remove not-letter/number characters, but doing this way your regex replaces also à, è, etc.

clean.replace(regex, " ");

I edited the code to use a built-in regex, element, \w, that matches a word character (QChar::isLetterOrNumber(), QChar::isMark(), or '_'). Accented letters are preserved. Here the code you should use:

clean.replace(regex, " ");
clean.replace('_', ' ');

Cheers. Jun 15 2013
Browse Firefox Bookmarks 0.2.4 Utilities
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Oct 03 2012
In order to meet those users who have thousands of bookmarks whose search can slow the workspace I've added a "trigger word" (like in chromium runner): it is a word (customizable in runner settings) that must be typed before search terms. The default trigger word is "bfb", so if you want to search, say, "wikipedia" bookmark you need to type "bfb wikipedia"; you can disable "trigger word" in settings and search among firefox bookmarks as before current update.

P.S. Chrom* stores bookmarks in a json file, while firefox in a sqlite file, so requirements are different. Oct 05 2012
You're right! You can check version pressing info button beside runner settings button. Oct 04 2012
Thanks reporting this bug. Uploaded new version fixing this and a KConfigGroup bug. Now it seems working as expected. Oct 03 2012
Thanks for reporting. I'm inspecting the problem: seems that it doesn't load settings anymore and it is very strange since anything was changed in 4.9 about runners.

Hoping to issue the error asap. Jul 30 2012
It isn't a plasmoid but a krunner extension.

To enable/disable it open krunner (ALT+F2) and click the wrench icon.

To use it, open krunner and start typing bookmark name. Mar 04 2012
Application Name Plasmoid 2.0 Plasma 4 Widgets
Score 67%
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Feb 15 2014
Awesome!! Now works great.

Probably width default value should be greater than 0 and not less of X px (f.i., if a user checks the option and closes config dialog without changing its value, what happens to a 0 width plasmoid?)

Many thanks Sep 30 2012
Your plasmoid looks better with each new release, thanks.

Now my wish: an option to set max/fixed plasmoid width, so beside plasmoids remain in place and not move frantically :D

For too large text:
* trailing dots (f.i., "Extra-mile in ...")
* scrolling text (very funny; as for <marquee> html tag) Sep 30 2012
Instead of "Desktop" why not showing the name of the current activity?

Thanks for your work. Sep 29 2012
Pacman Log Viewer 1.3.1 System Software
Score 59%
41 Dislikes
Feb 03 2015
Have released a new version with your requests :)
May 03 2012
AppMenu QML 1.6 Plasma 4 Widgets
Score 85%
15 Dislikes
Jul 31 2013
The solution you have found is brilliant. Thanks for all. Mar 21 2012
Cool, very thanks!! About buttons: since they're still limited I can suggest you this "ugly" mockup

I take inspiration by lockout plasmoid:

It has resizable buttons and popups replacing text.

I think its code is easy enough to give it a try. Mar 15 2012
Thanks for enabling this feature so fast. One more related request: can you set a lower minimumWidth? (maybe depending to comumns count) Atm, I see waste of space:

Very thanks Mar 12 2012
Hi, first of all thanks for your work. I'm just asking if you plan a one column option (like kickoff).

Thanks Mar 10 2012
Verify checksums within Dolphin 0.2 Dolphin Service Menus
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Feb 14 2018
...and why not coping the checksum on system clipboard? Mar 10 2012
KDE CDEmu Manager 0.7.3 System Software
Score 76%
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Nov 24 2017
Have transtaled pot and desktop files in italian; can you add them in next version? Thanks (desktop file) (it.po)

the password to read it.po is: cdemu Feb 12 2012
Steam Companion 0.5.4 Plasma 4 Widgets
Score 63%
37 Dislikes
Feb 09 2012
Have re-checked the package provided by kde-apps and it is ok, so try again.

Like said in my previous post, I have fulfilled two of your requests; about the others:

1) much of the time specials are few so I think it is useful to have all offers in one place

2) since, because of 1), max tabs are two and since I don't think that anyone want to use the library tab as default, choosing a main tab is useless.

Thanks Feb 10 2012
Hi, as you can see have updated the plasmoid with two of yours requests: hidden tabbar and show/hide scrollbars feature.

Unfortunately, the look of scrollbars isn't plasma native, they're in qt. Match the plasma theme requires a lot of code; since I have planned to port it to QML I'll delay your third request until then.

What do you mean with "default tab view"?

Thanks Feb 09 2012
NVidia Device Monitor 0.1.2 Plasma 4 Widgets
Score 59%
41 Dislikes
Mar 05 2012
May you make it available through GHNS? Feb 03 2012
usu-places 0.1 Plasma 4 Widgets
Score 63%
37 Dislikes
Nov 29 2011
FYI, the official kde applet Shelf already provides this functionality. A 2010 screencast: Nov 29 2011
KGtk (Use KDE Dialogs in Gtk Apps) 0.11.0 Various KDE 1.-4. Stuff
Score 85%
15 Dislikes
Nov 03 2011
No, it isn't a script:

$ file /usr/bin/bluefish
/usr/bin/bluefish: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.27, stripped

ldd output: Nov 08 2011
The wrapper doesn't work with bluefish; the terminal output when launching this program with and without the wrapper differs only in one line:

QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 12 and type 'Read', disabling...

comparing when closing wrapped bluefish. Nov 04 2011
Have successfully used the wrapper with:

* truecrypt
* gnome-mplayer

Regards Nov 04 2011
KFaenza v0.8.9 Icon Themes
Score 78%
22 Dislikes
Nov 04 2011
Thank you. New version is working perfect. No more issues. And thanks for branding icon ;) Oct 30 2011
1) Fine; do you ship it with next release?
2) this is what i mean:

48px icons:

96px icons:

Oct 23 2011