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Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme) Various KDE 1.-4. Stuff
May 21 2013
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hi, i like some ideas that make parts of the theme really gorgeous (if you choose a non-win95 color scheme), but other parts are imho lacking.

i’d like to hear your opinion on those:

1. progress bars from the center are unfortunate. if the missing parts are on both sides, i never can seem to get at a glance how much the value is. i’d like a “progress bar from the left” option

2. The checkbox-× doesn’t correspond to the close button and the clear-textfield button, it fades rather than being pointed. i’d like it unified

3. the new KDE 4.10 application menu window button is missing

4. i’d like to hide the groove for the scrollbar handle, or use a groove as wide as the handle itself, not a smaller one.

5. combobox arrow handle width is dependent on scrollbar width: i like a narrow scollbar, but the combobox arrows will stick out if i make the scrollbar too small

6. i’d like to have an option to drag by every window part, not only the title bar, (and consequently an option to not color the title bar differently than the rest of the window)

7. if the border width is et to 0, there’s no way to resize the window without using the keyboard. i’d like to be able to specify the width of an invisible resize handle extending beyond the border (i.e. 2 pixels around the physical border of the window)

8. i don’t like the tooltips at all. that hard black border looks ugly and the yellow in the color schemes comes straight from the 90ies :)

all in all i really like it, but a bit more customizability in those areas would make it truly gorgeous.

the things i especially like is the drawing of the tree view (black circles for expandable tree items) and the subtle border around selected and hovered list/tree items, as well as the insert-caret when hovering a textbox
Feb 24 2013
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme) Various KDE 1.-4. Stuff
Feb 21 2013
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Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme) Various KDE 1.-4. Stuff
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Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme) Various KDE 1.-4. Stuff
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Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme) Various KDE 1.-4. Stuff
Oct 13 2011
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme) Various KDE 1.-4. Stuff
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