Charles Bouveyron
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Feb 23 2009
Hi guys,

I would like to both thank all of you for your contributions to KIM and to apologize for not being able to find time to update KIM with your improvements! If some of you are interested in heading the future development of KIM, do not hesitate to contact me...

Best regards,

Charles Feb 23 2010
Yes, the installation script has changed! Now, you have to type ./ as root!


Charles Nov 14 2006

The problem is related to the fact that your pictures are in a directory which the name contains a space. I will try to fix this.

Charles Sep 13 2006
Hello everyone,

Sorry for the mistake! The link is ok now.

Charles Sep 11 2006
You can also add this repository in your source.list if you use apt (like me !). Apr 07 2006
Kim 0.9.0 is available in rpm for SuSE:
and src.rpm:

Thanks to Toni (suser-oc2pus) ... Apr 07 2006
Hello, you can naturally install Kim in root:

> su
> ./ Apr 03 2006
Hello, I found by myself the bug! The flash slideshow works only with jpeg images. Thus, I modified the script to convert in jpeg the images. Now, it seems to work! Apr 02 2006

Ok, but I need additional informations to solve this problem! Perhaps, the pictures haven't been copied in the right directory! Check if the rights on your files and/or directory are ok!

Other people tested? I'm waitting for your comments on these two new tools... Apr 02 2006

Ok, but it's very surprising that your binary is called image2mpeg ! I'll check this !

Thank you for this comment.

Charles Jan 25 2006
Ok, but try to install Kim with sudo:

sudo ./install

However, installation as root should work ... I will verify this ...

Good use,

Charles Dec 19 2005
Yes, I agree but I don't know how to create submenus in service-menus. If someone knows how to do this ...

Charles Dec 15 2005
Ok, thank you for this information. What do you think about this menu ?

Charles Aug 22 2005
You can call all Kim functions from a console. For example, if you want to make an animated screenshot, call "kim_record" in a shell !
However, for the moment, all functions do not have the form "kim_name-of-function". The major parts have the old form "kimgsm_name-of-function" !
Here is the list of Kim function available in a shell:
kimgsm_flipflop kimgsm_rotate kimgsm_rename
kimgsm_multiburst kimgsm_treatment kim_record
kimgsm_album kimgsm_other kimgsm_webexport
kimgsm_compress kimgsm_resize kim_record_mpg
kimgsm_convert kimgsm_resizeandsend

Charles May 30 2005
Ok ! It's work now ! Thank you for your remark.

Charles May 30 2005
Yes, it is possible to install Kim in user mode. For this, you must copy all Kim's files in ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/servicemenus/.

I think that I will add soon this option in the install script.

Good use,

Charles Feb 04 2005
Yes, it is a known bug ! Thank you for this solution. I will correct this soon.

Charles Nov 08 2004
Thanks for your remarks and suggestions. I will maybe include this in the the next release, but I prefer to use only ImageMagick in order to reduce the depedences number.


Charles Nov 03 2004
Do you like the name Kimgsm ?
- I propose the new name : kmagick. What do you think about this ? Sep 23 2004
Added in KimgSM 0.5 alpha for Kde 3.3 !

Send me your comments ! Aug 30 2004

I'm sorry but I have downloaded this morning and uncompressed the tar.gz without problem !


Charles May 03 2004
Yes, but it's not a major problem. The install script will to disable two other servicemenu.

I will fix this message error bug in the next release.

Charles Apr 29 2004
The "bug" Replace is fixed !!! ;-) Mar 22 2004
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Feb 22 2009

The output files will be in the same directory! Jan 02 2007

I know that on some linux distributions this could be cause a problem... Jan 02 2007
resizePhotos 1.0 Dolphin Service Menus
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Dec 05 2006
See Dec 16 2006
service menu management to kcontrol 2 Various KDE 1.-4. Stuff
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Sep 17 2006
Hello! Naturally, I agree with you!
Charles Apr 06 2006
kshrink 0.1 Dolphin Service Menus
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Aug 30 2004

This action is included in Kimgsm (see that it is an Image Service Menu for Kde.

Kimgsm allows to:
- compress images,
- resize images,
- convert images,
- rotate images,
- treatment of images,
- publication of images (export in html, mpgeg, ...).

This servicemenu use ImageMagick and Mpegtools.
Sep 03 2004
LaTeX Service Menu 0.2 Dolphin Service Menus
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Apr 28 2004
Yes, but I dont know how to solve this problem ! If somebody can solve this problem, send me the patch.

Charles Mar 23 2004
I'm sorry but my Kde is in French !
Translation :
- Convertir des fichiers LyX : convert LyX files
- Convertir des fichiers LaTeX : convert LaTeX files

Good use ! Mar 22 2004