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Apr 27 2011

FYI, signing up for that roundsphere API account did the trick, so just having that Amazon key is not enough, it seems.

thx for the help!

-b - Mar 03 2011
i run CoverChooser from the command line, and i get no error messages. this is the pertinent output from the script:

Module: 'Amazon' (album) loaded
no cover (Amazon)
fetchJob done (Amazon)

i do get covers from LastFM and one other module, though.

i test the key via Firefox and IE, to no avail.

i'm trying the method now...

-bill - Mar 02 2011
Is this Amazon key thing still an issue? I have followed the instructions and cannot get Amazon to behave. Or maybe it is working but CoverChooser never finds an Amazon image? Anyway, i have a "Access Key ID" that i am using (in /etc/coverchooser.conf). The url you've listed before to use to try out the access key does NOT work for me, but the key seems to otherwise be in order.

Second question - is there any way to run this from the command line specifying a dir and only to use amazon (i.e., no GUI/or need for GUI)?

btw, this app rocks. - Feb 21 2011