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David Hallier , France

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Apr 27 2011
Hi Bouddhid, I'm replying to myself as I feel a little bit lonely here ;-).

The problem is solved changing the name of the folder : folders with strange names or too long ones may not be able to be "covered" with this problem of unactive choose button...

So : rename with a short name, cover it and then put back the long name you want ! That's all folks ! - Jan 25 2013
Hello, I'm running Coverchooser under FEDORA 17 64 bits, with gnome3 (nautilus 3.4.2). It works great most of the time but sometimes for no reason it finds a good cover but I can't click on the "chosse" button.

I thought it could be a problem of permissions but after some searches it seems not to be the problem. Any idea ? - Jan 02 2013