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Jan 20 2013
Also, it would be nice if there were an advanced option to disable handling of the mousewheel... so that it can still be used for rotating to other desktops with the cube. - Jan 10 2014

One thing: CMakeCache.txt needs to be removed from the current package - as it references the authors particular source directory and will break compilation. - Jan 10 2014

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Sep 08 2011
No apologies necessary. I just thank you for all you've done already and don't expect you to fix all the framework issues between Qt/GTK.

One other slightly problematic item you might hear of in regards to Unity and the new notification area:

- There's no way to bring the program back up after it's minimized to the tray/notification space. So, your only option is to exit. There is a greyed-out "kstreamripper' option, but you can't select it to bring the menu back up. - Mar 31 2012
Congratulations on a very cool utility. I'm seeing just a couple of issues:

- cairo-dock acts as if the configuration and help dialogs are still open even after you dismiss them; it stacks them as additional items (that don't actually work if you click them). Is the app simply hiding them and not truly closing them? I've not seen this behavior with other apps, but I don't run many Qt apps regularly.

- Under Unity, the "What is this?" tooltips are unreadable. They appear as white text on a yellow background. I don't see anyway to reconfigure the colors used for these dialogs in Unity. I'm probably going to report this one to Canonical though, because I found at least one other Qt app (K3b) that shows the exact same symptoms. - Mar 24 2012
System Load Viewer

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by MJD
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Mar 04 2009
Nice little app - though I do see one bug under KDE4.4rc1:

If you don't choose to show the CPUs individually, the CPU value appears wrong (way too high) and doesn't seem to fluctuate with system load. - Jan 11 2010
remove universe

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Jan 16 2005
urpmi is the Mandrake equivalent.

urpme is the actual remove command.

There's also an apt4rpm package I think, but I've never looked at it. - Jan 22 2005
I might use it, if I weren't a Mandrake user.

I would have went with "[deity@localdimension]#rm -f -r *" - Jan 16 2005

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Jan 07 2005
It's a good start, but it needs a few things. I added:

clickarea x=5 y=5 w=220 h=190 ONCLICK="kwrite {my/path/to/notefile}"

To it so that I could simply click the note to bring up the notefile in an editor. It would be really nice if it had some kind of in-line editing.

And, it could uses a button (maybe one that looks like a thumbtack) that would spawn additional instances of the theme notes, for when you run out of room.

Also, it would be nice if it automagically created/named the notes files (maybe .sticky1, .sticky2, etc. in ~/.stickynotes). - Jan 22 2005