Thoradin Eisenfaust , Germany
dotNET KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes
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Jun 13 2003
i found suses kde4 in oS11 RC1 much usable - except on my desktop with two crt's on nvidia's binary driver.

i used to have the "main" screen on the right, so i use the nvidia xinerama with the "left-of" option. my taskbar should be on the rightscreen, but klickin on it ignores the border and the popup goes half to the left screen. I DON'T want a LAAAARGE Desktop, but i also don't want to clone it. it's the only thing, that my xp has done better. the dual screen support in 3.5 hasn't been perfect either, because both (3.5 & 4) cannot handle icon placements right. i want NEW desktopicons on the MAIN screen, not on the "leftes" position (which is normaly on the left placed secondary screen). also icons always appear to the right of last one, not below, so that new icons would bearrangend for a column (instead of a row like now) Jun 01 2008
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Feb 22 2009
Use Avidemux:
OpenVideo, select
Video = h264
Audio = mp3

If needed, scale size of video at filters. every VLC plays it Feb 15 2008
Flash Editor 0.2.1 Graphics
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Jun 07 2006
qmake is in qt3-develop (in suse, maybe other distributions to)

but i need a symbolic link, 'cause the executable was NOT in the path
('locate qmake' should find it)

ln -s /usr/lib/qt3/bin/qmake /usr/bin/qmake Oct 12 2007
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Aug 31 2006
seems to be an error with your bt-connection, nothin' i could fix... Jun 10 2007
>> If you already defined global hotkey in amaroK, just set the remote keys to the 'alternate' global key."...

This addition is for people who already use keyboard-keycodes for amarok and don't want to learn "my" new. Amarok could assing 2 global hotkeys for every action. So, if you have a working multimedia keyboard you don't have to change the hotkeys, but add them as second hotkey... Sep 17 2006
1.) The Keycodes have to be defined in Amarok itself (maybe OPTIONS -> GLOBAL HOTKEYS, I've got a german version running here) Instead of klicking on your keayboard to define a key, hit the phonebutton for the action o perform.

2.) As I used Winamp in the past, my keycodes are orientated to the codes used there:

CTRL + ALT + HOME = Play/Pause
CTRL + ALT + PgUp = Last Song
CTRL + ALT + PgDn = Next Song
CTRL + ALT + End = Show/Hide Amarok
CTRL + ALT + M = Mute
CTRL + ALT + O = OnScreen Display
CTRL + ALT + + = Increase Loudness
CTRL + ALT + - = DeCrease Loudness
CTRL + ALT + S = Stop

Sep 17 2006
Sorry, can't answer this, I only send the WMP profile from my phone to the pc, edit the files and send it back, so i can't say anything about the compatiblity to older phones... Sep 05 2006
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Jun 09 2007 Jun 10 2007
kvpnc 0.9.6 Network
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May 25 2010
hi, i got some problems to get kvpnc working, I have already imported an autoconfiguration file and added the certificate in 3 places of the config, but I still need a (pgp?)-personal key. but the network i'd tried to connect didn't have another encryption and also no keyfile. using openvnc --config file.ovpn seems to work, but i have to add a proxyserver and it would be nice to connect with one click in kde. can i disable the question for the key? Oct 09 2006
KToshiba 5.2 System Software
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Dec 14 2015
>> ./configure --with-omnibook (you may include more options)

that's the point, thanks :-) Sep 07 2006
toshiba notebook with omnibook like bios... try the omnibook module as written in README.omnibook Sep 05 2006
The changelog says, ktoshiba supports also the omnibok module, but how? I downloaded, build and installed the module, modprobed it, but don`t find a hint or option to activate this module instead of the toshiba module. I already get some scancodes from the fn-keys on the syslog-console, but it would be nice to have a nice kde-app .) Sep 05 2006
Kooka 0.44 Graphics
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May 04 2004
I got Kooka work with my low-cost-scanner and this was the day i love scanning. Scanning some more pages with grafik tools in windows was often a work of hours, because of the "one-time-call" of the twain-dialog, saving in specific folder and so on. with kooka it is just a klick per scan. Aug 30 2006
Kopete 0.12.1 Chat
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Jul 13 2006
Sorry, the SuSe RPM ist unusable for, the 0.12 beta crashes, and don't start even with the old dir. in my ~/.kde/shara/apps/kopete. My self-build of 0.12 Alpha, however, is rocksolid ???

Otherwise, Kopete kicks ass! Mar 13 2006
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Jan 31 2017
Thanks, for the Quick answer, I'll try it soon... :) Jan 10 2006
Is it possible to use the Imageeditor as a standalone app? It's a very nice and quick viewer and editor, a program I missed in KDE HEAVILY.

Viewers like Gwenview can't manipulate Images, and XnView looks very bad + can't import from the clipboard. Gimp is to heavy for some fileactions like sharpen, sizechange or colormanipulation.
Jan 08 2006