Michael L , Canada

GTK2 Themes 56 comments

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Jan 16 2015
I had it [DarkCold] installed under MATE a few days ago, decided to try Sabayon Linux -- wasn't that good -- reinstalled LM MATE, put the theme in:


And it's not showing up at all in the Appearance applet...I even tried putting it in:


Same outcome, it's not showing up at all now.

What the hell is going on..?! - May 18 2016

Video Players 142 comments

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Dec 30 2017
Unfortunately, being extremely new to Linux, that would be 'too complicated for me' -- as @mlauzon -- has said.

Someone needs to build a DEB for this app, or it's going to lose a lot of users unless we go to another version of Linux that supports it through the repository. - May 13 2016
It's still too complicated for me, so it looks like I'll be skipping this piece of software until Linux Mint 18 (Ubuntu 16.04).... - May 01 2016
I've tried adding this through the PPA, but get an error stating that it's not for Trusty, yet a bunch of articles mention getting it through the PPA.

I am not advanced enough to build from source, so how can I get this player? - Apr 30 2016

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 4 comments

by p0ng
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Mar 20 2008
This theme is not showing up in the Appearance manager after installing it to /usr/share/themes - May 04 2016
Numix Holo

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 22 comments

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Oct 27 2013
Thanks for telling us where to install the themes, but why don't you tell us where to install the fonts..?! - May 04 2016